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Marketing Program at SBU
Students study in the atrium of the William E. & Ann L. Swan Business Center on campus.


St. Bonaventure University prepares students to be knowledgeable and ethical members of one of the fastest-growing fields in business today.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects job opportunities in marketing fields such as advertising, marketing management and public relations will see double-digit growth in the next five to 10 years. What's more, salaries in these fields are expected to be among the most competitive available to new college graduates.

Why the demand?

  • Technology: Pick up your mobile device and do a Google search for something — anything. What pops up? Today's marketing professionals need to know not only how to craft an online message, but how to optimize the chance that it comes up in a Google search. Then there's Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the blogosphere. Social media marketing has become its own industry. Today's marketers are innovators and integrators, able to communicate effectively across a broad media spectrum.
  • Competition: Today's consumers are more choosy about how they spend their money, so most firms place a high priority on marketing their message. Even non-profits — universities, hospitals, charitable institutions — are competing for the attention of this more discerning consumer.
  • Policy Change: Deregulation has brought competition to banking, transportation and other major industries. To stay competitive, they now commit major resources to marketing initiatives.
What's this mean? More opportunities for you and others looking to enter this exciting and rapidly changing field.

Why Study Marketing at St. Bonaventure University? 

Our curriculum provides students with the skills needed to succeed in a constantly evolving business world. To perfect these skills, we provide various opportunities in service learning and require all marketing majors to participate in internships. Many of these internships lead to marketing jobs for our graduates.

All students prepare a marketing plan for a client as a degree requirement. Not only can our students speak about what they have learned, but they graduate with a range of projects to show their skills and workforce readiness.

Additionally, we offer students the opportunity to travel and study abroad while completing their degrees. You can even visit China through our China Studies program.

Affiliations With National Organizations

Students at St. Bonaventure have the ability to interact with other students through nationally recognized student organizations. St. Bonaventure students manage chapters of three distinguished national groups:

Faculty Research & Honors

    Dec 6, 2018

    Dr. William Magnus Northington
    Associate Professor of Marketing, School of Business
    Dr. William Magnus Northington, along with co-authors Dr. Stephanie Gilson (UT-Chattanooga) and Dr. Sharon Beatty, Emeritus (University of Alabama), recently had their manuscript titled "Shopper Deal Seeking Across Channels: An Updated View" accepted for publication at the Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice. The abstract reads, "Today’s shoppers have a wide-range of shopping outlets available, including in-store, online, and mobile channels and the availability of deals and discounts across these channels is changing rapidly. Unfortunately, traditional research in consumer deal seeking focuses mostly on in-store deal behaviors despite the dramatically evolving retail landscape. In this paper, an updated deal-seeking propensity (DSP) scale is developed and four dimensions of deal-seeking propensity are identified. This DSP scale is used to segment shoppers based on their deal-seeking behaviors, with four distinct segments of shoppers identified. The theoretical and managerial contributions of these findings are further discussed in the manuscript."

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