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St. Bonaventure announces recipients of Fr. Joe Doino and Student Life awards

Apr 29, 2021

A number of St. Bonaventure individuals and organizations were recognized for their accomplishments and dedication to the university community during the 2021 Fr. Joe Doino O.F.M. and Student Life Awards Ceremony Wednesday, April 28. [Visit the university's Flickr account to see photos from event taken by Stephen Weinmann/Residence Life]

Award winners were honored in small, in person “ceremonies” of three to five recipients at a time, spread out over the afternoon. Recipients received a recognition award, dessert box, swag bag and an award presentation photo.

Fr. Joe Doino, O.F.M., Awards

The following are winners of Fr. Joe Doino, O.F.M., Awards, which honor individuals, programs and organizations that have made significant contributions to the university community during the past academic year:

Br. Steve Kuehn, O.F.M., The Fr. Bob Stewart, O.F.M., Award, presented to the faculty or staff member who voluntarily gave the most time and dedication to the organization he or she serves as adviser, moderator or chaplain. Br. Steve has been active as a chaplain for men’s lacrosse attending practices as well as games. In addition, he is very active with University Ministry’s programs and liturgies. His welcoming presence at both athletic and liturgical events this year has meant a lot to our students.

Fr. David Blake, O.F.M., The Fr. Bob Stewart, O.F.M., Award (2020 winner). Fr. Dave is the chaplain for the club hockey team. He attends all of their team practices, home games, and travels to all away games and tournaments. He is a wonderful support system for the players on the team when they need someone to talk to about school, personal life, any issues they are having, or just someone to have a laugh with. He cares so deeply about the team and it brings him great joy when they succeed both on and off the ice.

Rep Yuh Flag, the Program or Event of the Year. Rep Yuh Flag was a celebration of cultural pride, community, and representation. The students involved in planning the event worked tirelessly to pay homage to the diverse racial, ethnic, and geographical traditions, primarily among underrepresented minority students at the university. Students have repeatedly held this event up as a model of DEI programming - especially diversity programming for a BIPOC audience. The event included music, dance, performances and food and showcased the collaborative and coalition-building skills of the hosts. 

Damietta Center programs series, Program or Event of the Year (2020 winner). The special programs sponsored by the Damietta Center for Awareness has been an asset to assisting to educating and providing a safer environment for our students. 

Joshua Santosh, Donald L. Korben Community Service Award, presented to the group/student who has gone “beyond the call of duty” in volunteering his or her service to the university and/or surrounding communities. Josh is an officer for SBU MERT as well as one of the first Bonaventure members of Allegany rescue and EMS.

Jean Ehman, The Fr. Gervase White, O.F.M., Staff Person of the Year, presented to a St. Bonaventure employee who has gone out of his or her way, especially in aiding students and enhancing student life on campus. Jean is the unsung hero of this university. She works with the best students (by coordinating the Supplemental Instruction and Tutoring programs) and with the students who are struggling academically. She really sees every side of the academic world.

Amanda Naujoks, The Fr. Gervase White, O.F.M., Staff Person of the Year (2020 winner). Her office door is always open. She cares about students. She is like a mom away from home to a lot of students. She is always pushing her leaders to branch out and grow. If she sees you struggling she will reach out and help you in any way she can.

Mary Frac, The Fr. Gervase White, O.F.M., Staff Person of the Year (2020 winner). A Devereux Hall minister in residence, she was exceptional in communicating with her floor and trying to build a community as well. She goes out of her way to enhance student life on campus.

Empower, Organization/Club of the Year, presented to the organization that has demonstrated a commitment to St. Bonaventure University through its activities and has added to student life. Empower is an excellent organization that is constantly working to educate students on bystander intervention and betting the community. 

SBU Food Pantry, Organization/Club of the Year (2020 winner). Trevor North, Trevor Carney and Grace Seeley were the student leadership team for the inaugural year of the food pantry on campus. They pull together 15-20 student volunteers who staff the food pantry, which is open 14 hour each week. They engaged campus clubs and departments with food drives throughout the semester and participated in the Food Insecurity Task Force.

John “Jack” Steger, The Dennis R. DePerro Student Leader of the Year, presented to the top leader of a campus organization who has shown exemplary leadership abilities in guiding his or her organization to success. Jack is involved in almost every facet of St. Bonaventure University. He is the ultimate “everything” guy. He has been a senator for the Student Government Association and is currently the associate justice. He has been a teaching assistant for the School of Business for multiple semesters. He was the men’s lacrosse student manager from 2018-2020, and is now the director of special projects for the men’s and women’s lacrosse teams. Jack is a Student Ambassador, is on the Academic Honesty Board, and is the student rep on the COVID-19 Academic Task Force. Additionally, Jack is on the Faculty Senate Marketing/Enrollment Committee, he is a Marketing Communications Intern, an Athletics Compliance Intern, and is a Franciscan Center for Social Concern Administrative Assistant all while handling 18 credits every semester and being the most stand out exemplary student. Jack goes above and beyond for St. Bonaventure and is an incredible example of the Franciscan spirit that this university prides itself on.

Amber Peralta, The Terry Bickel Student Life Award, presented to the person who has made the most substantial contribution to the area of student life. Nominees should demonstrate qualities of Bickel herself; patience, commitment, optimism and a sense of humor. Amber is involved with BSU, LASO, Spectrum, EMPOWER, and volunteers at the Warming House when she can. She is so hard working and dedicated. She is always looking for everyone’s best interest, willing to help with any project, in any possible way she can without hesitation. She is very enthusiastic and works hard for everything she gets.  She greats everyone with a smile whether she knows them or not. She brings amazing energy to every room she walks into and knows how to make people smile and laugh.

Hannah Merges, Heather Lohr Student Government Association Member of the Year, an award for a Student Government Association member in honor of 1994 graduate Heather Lohr, a former management and academic delegate who died after an extended illness. Lohr brought renewed professionalism to her positions, in which she showed selflessness and a willingness to help. As the Chief Justice of for SGA this year, Hannah brings a certain level of professionalism and expertise about the SGA Constitution and bylaws while also being personable and friendly. Not only does Hannah care about incidences involving the judicial portion of SGA’s responsibilities, she also serves on multiple committees (including a Board of Trustees committee). The Senate would not have run the same way without her this year. Hannah will be graduating and attending law school next year, but she has always remained an active member of the organization, even while taking the LSAT and applying for law programs. She is exceptional and does her job so well

Carole McNall, The Leo E. Keenan Jr. Faculty Appreciation Award, presented to the faculty member who most exemplifies a genuine commitment to human betterment through the acquisition of knowledge; who is guided in his or her daily life by a deep sensitivity and gentle understanding of differences; and who reflects in his or her relationships with students an enduring optimism. Carole is highly respected by her students for her engagement and makes her students better for the real world of journalism and broadcasting.

Ed Bysiek, The Leo E. Keenan Jr. Faculty Appreciation Award. His impact extends far past his role as an accounting professor. Mr. Bysiek is organized and thorough in his teaching style and he recognizes his hard working and dedicated students. Not only is he committed to his students’ academic success, but he is investing in the success of their extracurricular activities as well. He approaches every conversation, be it about basketball, religion, or movies, with optimism and an open mind.

Laura Peterson, The Leo E. Keenan Jr. Faculty Appreciation Award (2020 winner). Ms. Peterson is a valuable asset to all students, regardless of what academic discipline they study. In her teaching, she exudes a passion and enthusiasm that ignites curiosity and critical thinking within her students. She maintains an awareness of the knowledge of the students who are enrolled in her music classes, knowing each of them by name, and taking the time to explain challenging concepts to them in depth. As an academic adviser to students who have not yet declared a major, she utilizes her extensive knowledge of the university’s programs to guide each student to a path that would enable him/her to pursue his/her passions. 

Adam Colton, The Margaret T. Bryner Award, given in recognition of positive actions by a group or individual in support of diversity and multicultural initiatives on the St. Bonaventure campus. Adam has been involved with HEOP for many years. He was first hired by Margaret Bryner to teach English and writing skills in the summer as a graduate student. Now, after completing his Ph.D., he works full time in the HEOP program, meeting not only the academic needs of the students but also caring for their everyday support. Adam goes above and beyond the call of duty, especially with students in the HEOP program

Larry Whitcomb, The Margaret T. Bryner Award (2020 winner). Larry has been a faithful servant to so many students in the HEOP program, not only as math tutor but as a father image as well as a “team photographer.”

University Ministries Awards

Mike “Hiryu” Waseda, FCSC Student of the Year, presented to the student whose dedication and commitment most exemplifies the mission and ministry of the Franciscan Center for Social Concern. Mike leads through example and compassion for others. Last spring, when the campus closed because of the pandemic, Mike stayed on campus because he was unable to return to his family in Japan. To show gratitude to the university for the ability to continue his studies on an almost empty campus, Mike began volunteering at the Warming House. Mike quickly became a volunteer coordinator. He continued at the Warming House throughout the summer as part of the Farm to Table program and when the fall semester began, continued volunteering as a way to pay his gratitude forward. He has allowed himself to get to know the guests of the Warming House and learned about life from their perspective. Mike’s leadership on this campus is unassuming, consistent and always ready to welcome others into the circle. Mike truly lives with a Franciscan heart that considers each person he meets as his brother and sister.

Ashley Shultz, San Damiano Student of the Year, presented to the student leader who gave the most time and dedication to support the mission, ministry, and programming of the San Damiano Center for Pastoral & Liturgical Ministries.                

Military Aligned Student Program Awards

Christopher Previglian, Service Leadership Award: Veteran, for exceptional performance while serving as a volunteer/student-veteran leader in the St. Bonaventure University Military Aligned Students Program. Christopher’s selfless service, empathy for others, and personal dedication to his duty as a student, a volunteer, and a veteran of the Armed Forces greatly contributed to the furthering our Franciscan Values of Community, Integrity, and Wisdom. Chris’s accomplishments are in keeping with the very best of the spirit of St. Francis and bring great credit upon himself, his family, our military aligned students and the university.

John “Jack” Steger, Service Leadership Award: Student, for exceptional performance while serving as a volunteer/student leader in the St. Bonaventure University Military Aligned Students Program. Jack has selfless service, empathy for others, and personal dedication to his duty as a student, a volunteer, and a dependent of a veteran of the Armed Forces greatly contributed to the furthering our Franciscan Values of Community, Integrity, and Wisdom. Jack’s accomplishments are in keeping with the very best of the spirit of St. Francis and brings great credit upon himself, his family, our military aligned students and the university.

Student Affairs Awards

Nikolas Figueroa, RA Rookie of the Year Award, an individual award given to a first year Resident Assistant who has demonstrated exceptional contributions to their residential community through program development, addressing student needs, and leadership through crisis response, etc.

Alison Garlock, RA Senior Achievement Award, an individual award given to a graduating Resident Assistant with at least two or more years of service to Residence Life that has made exceptional contributions to their residential community through program development, addressing student needs, and leadership through crisis response, etc. This individual also actively supported peer staff through mentorship, guidance, and training of team members in both an individual and group dynamic. This is the highest honor a graduating Resident Assistant can achieve.

Christopher Previglian, The EMPOWER award, given to one or more students who demonstrate leadership and initiative in supporting EMPOWER’s goals. Chris has been an active EMPOWER member since the group’s formation in the fall semester of 2019. Chris embodies the qualities of a positive, masculine role model and leader. He is outgoing, friendly, and not afraid to discuss sensitive matters with students, faculty, and staff. As a military veteran, Chris came to EMPOWER with a great deal of training in the topics of preventing gender-based violence and sexual assault. Chris joined EMPOWER because he wanted to learn more about these topics, help students on campus, and use the skills and training knowledge he acquired to promote a culture of respect in his family and in the community.  

Olivia Boyd, The EMPOWER award. Olivia became an active member of EMPOWER in the fall of 2021. Olivia embodies the qualities of a strong leader and role model for all students. She is passionate about bystander intervention, consent, and healthy relationship preventative education. Olivia is an ROTC student going into active combat service upon graduation this May. Olivia’s senior research project as a sociology major surveyed students about their awareness of gender-based violence and sexual assault policies and procedures on campus. Olivia joined EMPOWER and became a certified peer prevention educator as well as a bystander intervention trainer. She provided training to faculty, staff, and students. 

CPRC EDGE with Distinction Program

A signature program of the Career and Professional Readiness Center, the Competitive Edge Certificate (The EDGE) provides participating sophomores, juniors and seniors the opportunity to develop professional skills employers and graduate schools seek. Recipients are:

Seniors Brandon Bailey, Lourdesmine Gaston, Jessica Munson, Brionna Howard, Sean Mickey, Joshua Santosh, Marcus Swartfager, Rachel Torregiano.

Juniors Anjelo Ciriaco, Destiny Competelli, Alex Coppola, Emily Daigler, Catherine Duszynski, Elizabeth Ennis, Bobbi Fragale, Erica Gustafson, Nicholas Krause, Belinda Landou, Maxwell McAuliff, Sarah Orcel, Jennifer Stumpf, Paula Velilla.

Sophomores Willow Baginski, Jordan Fitch, Faith Gworek, Ultan Horrigan, Robert Laino, Alison McIntosh, Olivia Moon, Filip Morawski, Ryan Realbuto, Jessica Schleede.

CPRC Bonnies in the Spotlight

Bonnies in the Spotlight, formerly known as the Intern Spotlight, recognizes St. Bonaventure students who have developed significant professional skills through a quality experience. Students apply to the program by completing an application that requires detailed articulation of their experience. Recipients are Sameer Paul, Cindy Huang, Kyler Mangulis, Jeffrey Uveino, Taylor Raine, and Lily Chittenden.

2021 Ideal Bonaventure Students

Annually selected are two graduating students and two runners-up who most exemplify the spirit of St. Bonaventure and the ideals of St. Francis through their demonstrated commitment to community service and academic excellence throughout their undergraduate time at Bona’s. This highest honor and treasured tradition celebrates the wonderful character of the St. Bonaventure graduate.

Alison Garlock, Ideal Bonaventure Student. Alison has such a great work ethic, she holds integrity close to her heart, and is just overall someone who truly loves and represents Bona’s well. A dedicated and driven student, she’s a double major who has balanced being an RA for three years while being involved across the university. As an RA she has built community on a variety of floors (upperclassmen and first-year). Alison will leave an impact on the community at Bonaventure that can be seen through the friendships she fostered as an RA and through her involvement in University Ministries. She has helped students in the Math Lab and has helped with RCIA and is a member of Search. She demonstrates the values of integrity, wisdom, and compassion, is a fantastic role model, and always carries herself with grace and compassion. Her life is strongly centered on her faith and it shows in every one of her actions. 

Puja Sasankan, Ideal Bonaventure Student. Throughout her time at Bonaventure, Puja has dedicated herself to the community, serving as a secretary in SGA, an EMT-B in MERT, a Resident Assistant, and a dance captain and choreographer for ASIA. While she has spent a significant amount of her time serving as a student-leader, Puja’s Franciscan spirit truly shines through during a one-on-one conversation. She is considered a leader among her peers, committed to her community and this school. She goes out of her way to be helpful and of service to as many people as she can. Puja is a caring, selfless, and friendly individual who has taken underclassmen under her wing. She tutors several students through the Learning Center, excels academically, and always has a smile on her face as she is walking through campus.               

Victoria Wangler, Ideal Bonaventure Student - Runner Up. Tori is smart, insightful, creative, kind, and deeply invested in her work and the world around her. She has made substantial contributions to the English department and the university through her involvement in student organizations. She is deeply spiritual and committed to service, an engaged student who brings insight and optimism to every class and every campus encounter.                      

Anna Hu, Ideal Bonaventure Student - Runner Up. Anna is involved in many clubs, including ASMBM Student Chapter, ASIA, and MERT. Despite her busy academic schedule, has always made time to lead valuable organizations and mentor underclassmen. Overall Anna is very involved in the community and shows leadership, community service, and academic excellence. She also provides tutoring services, serves as a judge at a high school science fair, and conducts extensive research in Dr. Xiao-Ning Zhang’s lab.