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Management Program

Effective managers are strong organizers, planners, problem-solvers and motivators who can help a business or organization compete and succeed.

They are corporate generalists with a working knowledge of all areas of business: accounting, business information systems, finance, marketing and economics.

As a Management major at St. Bonaventure, you pursue a curriculum that emphasizes courses in these core areas including such topics as decision-making and team work. You also have an array of outstanding real world engagement opportunities from which to choose, each designed to teach you how to manage projects and lead people.

Four concentrations available

Management majors may choose to complete one of four concentrations:

  • Family Business
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Global Business Management
  • Human Resource Management

Each concentration requires a Management major to complete three specific elective course (9 credit-hours). For details, see Curriculum & Courses.

Ready to take it on

Management major Zachary Clark found time for fun and excitement as a big Bonnies basketball fan while the School of Business prepared him for success in the real world.

A focus on experiential learning

Success in the classroom is one thing. Putting that knowledge to work is quite another. It's why we provide our majors with plenty of opportunities to put management theory and principles into practice.

A required internship

You will complete an internship in your junior or senior year, joining a company or organization in a real-work setting. Many students say their internship was key to preparing them for their first job, and in many cases led directly to that job. Learn more at School of Business Internships.

Service-learning opportunities

There are also numerous service-learning programs on campus, many housed in our own department, that provide opportunities for student involvement and leadership.

  • Our C4 consulting organization partners with local small businesses and nonprofits
  • Our Enactus team manages a service leadership program that makes an annual trip to the Bahamas to help schools and communities there.
  • Embrace it Africa manages a microfinance program in Uganda

Learn more at School of Business Clubs & Organizations.

Program Information

The School of Business offers a BBA in Management and a minor in Management.

Bachelor of Business Administration in Management

The Management major provides students the opportunity to develop either a behavioral or quantitative emphasis in the areas of general management. Those desiring the quantitative emphasis are also provided the opportunity to minor in Quantitative Analysis for Business.

Degree requirements and a 4-year plan of study for the Management major

  • Management minor

    For non-majors, the 18-hour minor in Management is one of nine School of Business minors offering students an opportunity to study a specific area of business in more detail.

    Requirements for a minor in Management

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