St. Bonaventure University

The Faculty Resource Center was established as part of the University's 2016-2021 Strategic Plan, under the context of a Culture of Faculty and Staff Excellence. Specifically, the University sought to implement a faculty development center (D.1 in the plan) and centralize and standardize adjunct faculty support services (D.5.). Page 19 of the plan noted: "We want to promote a culture of faculty and staff excellence, supporting and sustaining cutting edge research and teaching among our faculty and ongoing development of staff in pursuit of their excellence as vital agents of this University's mission."
  • D.1. Promote Academic Excellence by providing centralized coordination for faculty pedagogical development, grant writing, research and department chair support through the establishment of a Faculty Development Center.
    • D.1a. Foster a culture where faculty exchange ideas, experiences, and research in teaching.
    • D.1b. Create an institutional system that supports faculty and staff excellence in research, scholarship and creative activity over the course of a career.
    • D.1c. Develop an institutional culture that makes faculty and staff feel valued and supported in all aspects of their work and provides effective guidance for their overall career development.
  • D.5. Support the increasingly critical contribution made to instructional delivery by our adjunct instructors by centralizing and standardizing services for adjunct faculty members.
The Center is represented in the current strategic plan, Boldly Bonaventure, specifically under Strategic Commitments Two and Four. Strategic Commitment Two calls for the university to foster transformative academic excellence across the institution, while Strategic Commitment Four covers the creation of a sustainable future through the responsible stewardship of the university's financial, natural, human, and other resources. Within this last commitment, attention is given to professional excellence and development.

The Faculty Resource Center is administered by Ann Tenglund, Director of the Library & Faculty Development. There is considerable synergy between the library and the center. The Center for Attention, Learning, and Memory (CALM) works closely with the FRC and provides a considerable amount of programming and advice. The center's advisory committee is the Faculty Senate Faculty Excellence Committee. Committee members include Chris Bopp, Tiffany Demiris, Connie Perkins, Sheri Voss, Denny Wilkins, and SGA representative Kishan Patel '24.

The center's areas of responsibility include:
Faculty Excellence Center Model--Graphical Representation