The Faculty/Staff Resource Center connects faculty and staff members with resources to enhance teaching, research, classroom assessment, advising, technology use, grant-seeking, department chair work, and other relevant resources to enhance their work at the university. The Center for Attention, Learning, and Memory (CALM) works closely with the FRC to provide services and resources.

St. Bonaventure University

Faculty/Staff Resource Center

All FRC events are open to all faculty AND staff. Most events have a live Zoom feed for remote faculty/staff and a recording for those unable to attend.


Week of Development 2024 Recordings and Resources

  • Visit for recordings and resources from the event.
  • There was something for everyone who works at SBU--faculty, staff, and administrators. Check out the sessions you may have missed!

Check out the free live and on-demand webinars from the Online Learning Consortium (subscription provided by Dr. Mike Hoffman. Associate Provost/Graduate Dean/CIO). There are lot of useful topics for everyone, not just those who teach exclusively online.


    • Register for a free account using your SBU email address for access. Once you have an account, you can easily register for the webinars below. Also consider signing up to receive OLC Today, a weekly e-mail newsletter.
    • Webinars are free for members and apply to all modalities of teaching and learning! Some interesting upcoming webinars include:
      • June 26: Eliminating Barriers: Leveraging User Experience Research for Enhanced Online Experiences
      • July 18: New Horizons in Online Student Mental Health Support: Research Findings and Support Options
      • July 23: Fostering Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion through Competency-Based Instruction: A Path to Educational Excellence
      • July 31: Trends on Digital Course Material Use and OER Awareness in Higher Education
      • August 6: Unlocking the Future of Education: Helping Faculty to Embrace the Potential of Generative AI
    • To register, log in and then ensure you are on the "Upcoming Webinars" tab on their site.
    • If you could not attend one of the Online Learning Consortium webinars live, almost all of them are recorded for later viewing--use the link above, and make sure you are on the "On Demand Webinars" tab.

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How to Make the Most of our Institutional OLC Membership

  1. Create your own OLC User Account/Profile - ensures member benefits are available to you.
  2. Sign up to receive OLC Today (weekly newsletter) - this is our best means of communicating what's new in the world of online learning and education.
  3. Explore our Home Page and check out free resources available to you (download Playbooks from our Tools for Educators: Communities of Practice in Higher Education or Supporting Online Adjunct Faculty Across Institutional Roles; sign up to watch OLC Webinars (live or recordings); explore the OLC Research Center.

SBU Recordings

NOTE: There is a separate page for students to view selected FRC recordings at Students cannot reach the Faculty Recording page on, so please provide your students with the student recording link if you want them to view any of the recordings. Both the faculty and student recording sites can be accessed with your regular SBU credentials.

  • Faculty/Staff Recording site  
  • Student Recording site -- special recordings you can share with students
    • Navigating the PWI as a POC--Antonio Williams (Center for Student Wellbeing)
    • You Believe What?! How to Combat Disinformation & Explain the Truth--Pauline Hoffmann (CALM)
    • Study Skills for Survival and Success--Adam Brown and Rene Hauser (CALM)