St. Bonaventure University

Communication, Social Justice and Advocacy

The major in Communication, Social Justice and Advocacy provides an ethical grounding as well as necessary practical knowledge and experiences for students who wish to participate in communication and advocacy roles for nonprofit and nongovernmental organizations.

A major blending passion and purpose

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication, Social Justice and Advocacy is grounded in the Franciscan principles that define St. Bonaventure University while being married to the pragmatic coursework of our renowned Jandoli School of Communication.

The major is grounded in the university's principle values of nurturing compassion, seeking wisdom and building integrity, while its focus on public service messaging underscores St. Bonaventure's commitment to community. That selfless intent fosters kinship and advocacy for those on the margins of society — the needy, ignored and excluded.

It's the perfect major for students who wish to use communication to help champion the work of those seeking to help bring about social, cultural, environmental and political change.

It should be noted that this is not to be considered a major for just liberal or progressive activists. Rather, it is a program for any student who seeks change, regardless of their political philosophy.

Second major or minor & internships required

Students in this major are required to complete a minor or second major in an academic program outside of the Jandoli School of Communication.

Like all Jandoli School majors, students in this program are required to complete 400 hours of on- or off-campus internships under the guidance of the Jandoli School internship coordinator.