A focus on research on the brain, working with experts in the field

St. Bonaventure University

Behavioral Neuroscience Program

A focus on psychology and biology, emphasizing the brain and behavior

How do you decide what to eat when you’re hungry? Will your brain be different after learning something new? How does behavior change when an area of the brain is damaged? How do hormones influence your mood and behavior? All of these questions are about the interaction between biology and behavior. The behavioral neuroscience major explores the relationship between the physiological processes that occur in the brain and the behavior of an organism.

This interdisciplinary major combines coursework from biology and psychology to emphasize understanding of the nervous system at the cellular level, how the brain integrates information, and how to experimentally examine human behavior. The program culminates in a hands-on senior capstone experience conducting novel behavioral neuroscience research.

The behavioral neuroscience major is an exciting program for anyone interested in learning more about the brain and behavior. The major includes courses that are prerequisites for medical schools and other graduate programs in healthcare professions, and it is organized so as to enable a student to complete prerequisite courses in chemistry and physics while graduating within four years.

Why choose behavioral neuroscience?

The behavioral neuroscience major provides a strong foundation for a wide variety of careers and graduate school opportunities. This is due to the interdisciplinary nature of this major that allows students to gain expertise in the fields of psychology and biology.

Therefore, all of the career and graduate school outcomes associated with those single degrees are available to behavioral neuroscience majors. These include careers in human service and social services,research technicians, animal research technicians, gaming and fish workers, data analysts and outreach and education.

Postgraduate opportunities such as medicine, psychotherapy, research, veterinary medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, physical and occupational therapy and physician assistants are all possible with a degree in behavioral neuroscience.

However, a degree in behavioral neuroscience allows a student who truly embraces both disciplines to prepare for the exciting future in the field of neuroscience.

In recent decades, neuroscience has been a very popular field of study among biological disciplines. Eventual careers in nonprofits, social policy, science writing, big data, or artificial intelligence are all possible with a degree in behavioral neuroscience.

Today's job market demands intellectual flexibility, with analytical skills as well as the ability to work together towards common goals. By ensuring a rigorous curriculum in both psychology and biology, as well as providing focus towards the brain in research contexts working with experts in the field, a degree in behavioral neuroscience is an exciting opportunity.

Program information

Our program offers a B.S. in behavioral neuroscience.

Bachelor of Science in behavioral neuroscience

The major in behavioral neuroscience combines coursework in psychology and biology with an emphasis on the brain and behavior.

Degree requirements and a four-year plan for the behavioral neuroscience major