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Jandoli Institute to publish hybrid journalism series

Jun 20, 2024

Climate change, artificial intelligence and NCAA conference realignment are among the topics St. Bonaventure University faculty members tackled in a hybrid journalism project for the Jandoli Institute.

stack of newspapersThe institute published the project’s first two articles during the spring semester and will post five additional articles in June and July. A video interview with the authors will accompany each article. Videos also will be posted for the two articles published in March.

“The project showcases the diverse expertise of the St. Bonaventure faculty,” Jandoli School Executive Director Dr. Richard Lee said. “Professors from different disciplines have partnered with faculty from the Jandoli School of Communication to develop and produce well-researched, well-reported and well-written journalism.”

The first of the summer articles, “How climate change will impact life and food security inside and outside of United States,” was posted on the Jandoli Institute website June 19. Dr. Xiao-Ning Zhang, a professor in the Biology Department and director of the Biochemistry Program, collaborated with Dr. Pauline Hoffmann, an associate professor in the Jandoli School of Communication, to produce the article.

The Jandoli Institute will publish the following articles and videos on its site on Wednesdays through the end of July:

  • June 26: “NCAA Conference Realignment” by Dr. Tiffany Demiris, an assistant professor of Sports Management, and Dr. Denny Wilkins, a professor of Journalism in the Jandoli School.
  • July 3: “Advertisers can renew focus on $21 billion market: consumers with disabilities” by Elizabeth Gratz, an assistant professor of Marketing and interim Marketing Department chair, and David Kassnoff, a retired Jandoli School faculty member. (Video only; article was published on March 14.)
  • July 10: “Acorns, A Forgotten Food” by Dr. Scott Medler, an associate professor of Physician Assistant Studies, and Dr. Tammy Rae Matthews, an assistant professor in the Jandoli School.
  • July 17: “History Here and Now: The Issue of Presentism and Relevance” by Dr. Phillip Payne, chair of the History Department, and Dr. Brian Moritz, director of the Jandoli School’s online M.A. programs in Sports Journalism and Digital Journalism. (Video only; article was published on March 21.)
  • July 24: “Hate Goes to School” by Dr. Robin Valeri, a professor of Psychology, and Pauline Hoffmann.
  • July 31: “A.I. - Students and the World of Work” by John Stevens, a lecturer of Management, and Carole McNall, an assistant professor in the Jandoli School.

“These are dynamic collaborations of interdisciplinary work that will benefit the public,” said Jandoli School Dean Aaron Chimbel. “I am thankful for Dr. Lee and the faculty members who made this happen.”

Cassidey Kavathas, a 2024 Jandoli School Journalism graduate, interviewed the writers and created the videos.

The Jandoli Institute, a part of the Jandoli School of Communication, serves as a forum for academic research, creative ideas and discussion on the intersection between media and democracy.

The institute’s hybrid journalism project is funded by a grant from the Leo E. Keenan Jr. Faculty Development Endowment at St. Bonaventure and by the Jandoli School.



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