Students network with SBU alumni at a Bonnies4Bonnies event.

St. Bonaventure University

Edge Course

The Edge course helps students develop skills sought by employers and graduate schools and is perfect preparation for internships and jobs.

The Edge course, "SC 499. Comprehensive Experience," is a 2-credit course open to all students, with preference given to sophomores, juniors and seniors. It's structured so as to help students get a step ahead of the competition for intern and job opportunities by developing confidence in their ability to communicate and to present themselves in professional settings.

Benjamin Allen, '23

EDGE helped me create a LinkedIn profile that grabs attention and projects my career path to future employers, write an effective cover letter, and develop a well-prepared elevator pitch. I highly recommend it to all students.

Prepare yourself for success

Students in the course will learn how to:

  • leverage LinkedIn and other social media to find internships and jobs
  • build a personal brand
  • write an employer-ready cover letter and résumé, and develop a portfolio
  • excel in an interview through one-to-one coaching and preparation
  • interact professionally (students will attend an etiquette dinner)
  • find internships and jobs
  • network and maximize their marketability
The course is taught by Dr. Pauline Hoffmann, associate professor in the Jandoli School of Communication, and Pam Ferman, associate dean for Student Development.

Students who are not able to fit the course into their schedules may complete the course content via independent study with a career counselor.

For more information, email Pam Ferman or Dr. Pauline Hoffmann.
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