St. Bonaventure University

Bonnies in the Spotlight

The CPRC's Bonnies in the Spotlight program recognizes St. Bonaventure students who have developed significant professional skills through a quality experience.

The program serves to recognize these students, but also to motivate other to seek out similar opportunities.

Students apply to the program by completing an application that requires detailed articulation of their experience. Selection of the finalists is very competitive.

Our 2020 Bonnies in the Spotlight Finalists

Sameer Paul
Sameer Paul '21
Major: Behavioral Neuroscience 
Research Volunteer, Hikma Health

As a premed student, my experience with Hikma Health and COVID opened my eyes to the field of public health. 

Not only did I learn about the importance of data and scientific research, I also gained an appreciation for the diversity of medicine, from diagnosing patients to problem-solving for much larger populations in the event of a pandemic such as the one we are still battling.

I was assigned 15 counties per week and researched the COVID policies that had been implemented by each county.  

Cindy Huang
Cindy Huang '23
Major: Bioinformatics 
Pathways Fellow, National Institutes of Health

As a future physician, getting to work at the country’s leading infectious disease institution with top health professionals against a global pandemic is a truly exceptional experience.

I learned so much about public health policies and handling emergencies in a professional environment with leaders of our country.

I personally updated the NIAID Cambodia webpage, created travel safety brochures for COVID-19, and managed NIH databases by filtering and modifying scientific information.

Kyler Mangulis
Kyler Mangulis '20
Major: Psychology and Environmental Studies 
Naturalist Intern, White Clay Creek State Park

I wasn’t simply observing a naturalist doing their job to learn how to do it, but was trusted to do it myself. While I was there, I was able to design and deliver a birding program for 5- to 7-year-olds.

I planned all activities for a week-long naturalist-in-training camp for 11- to 14-year-olds and actually ran that camp with them.

The skills that I learned made me more confident in my ability as an environmental educator and my hopes in succeeding in this field after graduation.

Jeffrey UveinoJeffrey Uveino '21 
Major: Journalism/Mass Communication and English
News21 Fellow, Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication, Arizona State University

I was given this opportunity by the Jandoli School of Communication and it was a great decision to accept it.

So many great people were in this program. It was an experience that I had never received before and that was really important because I was able to diversify my journalism experience.

When I graduate and go to apply for jobs, I won’t just be limited to sports. Now I have a lot of good professional investigative work under my belt as the projects we do for News21 gets published every year.

Taylor RaineTaylor Raine '22
Major: Accounting
Human Resources Intern, United Parcel Service (UPS)

This internship allowed me to receive not only a hands-on experience working in a human resources department, it also allowed me to meet many different people from diverse backgrounds.

This experience gave me the opportunity to understand what it takes to succeed in a professional position. It's not only something that I can put on a resume, but something that I can carry forward into the future.

Lily Chittenden
Lily Chittenden '21
Major: Marketing 
Marketing Intern, MTX Group

I had hands-on experiences working with Google, Salesforce, and other marketing consulting companies, such as Gartner.

The CEO asked for me to complete extensive CARES Act funding research and I’d never done anything like that before. I had to present all of my findings to the CEO and sales team.

I was often thrown into projects with little guidance, which forced me to learn how to do things by myself.