St. Bonaventure University

Bonnies in the Spotlight

The CPRC's Bonnies in the Spotlight program recognizes St. Bonaventure students who have developed significant professional skills through a quality experience.

The program serves to recognize these students, but also to motivate other to seek out similar opportunities.

Students apply to the program by completing an application that requires detailed articulation of their experience. Selection of the finalists is very competitive.

Our 2021 Bonnies in the Spotlight Finalists

Benjamin Allen
Benjamin Allen, '23
Major: Computer Science 
Organization: Interfaith Caregivers, Inc.
Title: Web Designer

I built a website for a nonprofit organization. The company helps the community with gift giving and different services for the disabled and disadvantaged. The website was built from the ground up, and collaboration with senior management and board members was essential in making sure everything was effectively implemented.

This experience taught me a lot about not only designing a website, but also time management and communicating with people.

Sonal Mahindroo
Sonal Mahindroo, '22
Major: Biology
Minor: Business Administration 
Organization: McKay Lab, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, University of Pennsylvania
Title: Research Assistant

Interning in a multidisciplinary lab in a big city was a very unique opportunity for me. I learned how to apply the knowledge gained from my foundational biology classes to cutting-edge research going on today.

I not only gained experience working on academic orthopaedic projects but also was able to see the industry side of research.

Alexandra Rozanski
Alexandra Rozanski, '22
Major: Health Science, Biomedical Concentration
Organization: Medstar Ambulance
Title: EMT-B
I had the incredible opportunity to work as an EMT in metro Detroit, both as a 911 first responder and standby first aid for the Detroit Tigers. As a future doctor, the experience of treating overdoses, respiratory emergencies, cardiac arrests, and more is valuable.

However, nothing can compare to the honor of being there for someone on the worst day of their life where my words and lifesaving actions will forever be remembered.

Thomas Seipp
Thomas Seipp, '23
Major: Sports Media
Organization: Hudson Valley Renegades
Title: Lead Promotions Intern
I ran the in-game promotions at the ballpark during every game, including making sure the entertainment value was strong at all times. At the same time, I was able to see behind the scenes how a minor league baseball organization is run and I really learned a lot working directly with the vice president of the club and the entire front office staff.

This was so beneficial to me because in a setting like this, experience is how you learn.

John Steger
John Steger, '22
Major: Marketing and Management
Minor: Sports Management
 Indium Corporation
Title: Marketing Communications Intern

I was in charge of creating, developing, planning, and editing intern-related content for the company while also being the liaison between all of the different interns for the program.

I found it beneficial to me to have a role within marketing, human resources, and also a role as a leader within the program to be able to walk away with an incredibly broad experience in the end.

Ellie Weidner
Ellie Weidner, '24
Major: Visual Arts
Minor: Psychology
 Gretchen Weidner Art
Title: Lead Art Teacher
This experience really opened my eyes to what the world of teaching is like. It gave me time to work with kids of all different backgrounds and it allowed me to understand how to communicate with kids best, how to work with them, and how to engage them in the material we were doing as well as to get them to understand some really complicated.