People of SBU

People of SBU

As the nation’s premier Franciscan University, St. Bonaventure University instills in students a real passion for learning and living. Our class sizes are small and virtually all of our freshman class and most of our other undergraduates live on campus. We are a community.

The University is the home of the Franciscan Institute, which is the center for research in the history, philosophy, and accomplishments of a remarkable group of men and women, who for 800 years have dedicated themselves to peace, justice, social equality and alleviation of suffering of everyone in the human family. We believe in the universality of these Franciscan values.

A group of dedicated Franciscan friars live on campus, but our faculty includes lay people of diverse backgrounds. More than 80 percent of our faculty have a Ph.D. or equivalent. Our professors are committed and approachable faculty who dedicate themselves to making connections - among themselves, their courses and, most importantly, their students.

It's this caring commitment that links learning to living at SBU and makes a Bonaventure education the experience of a lifetime. Get connected, stay connected, at St. Bonaventure University. 

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