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Students in schools of Health Professions, Communication collaborate on short films

Apr 14, 2021

SBU community invited to Bonnes Film Festival April 29

Members of the university community are invited to enjoy an evening of film “shorts” on the big screen on the green Thursday, April 29, as the School of Health Professions presents the inaugural Bonnes Film Festival.

The festival begins at dusk (about 7 p.m.) on the Magnano Centre side lawn and will also feature live interviews on the red carpet, photo ops and refreshments. Seating for 75 will be available; attendees are welcome to bring their own lawn chairs, blankets and snacks.

The films were created by the Marketing & Communication in Public Health class from the School of Health Professions in collaboration with the Video Production and Editing program in the Jandoli School of Communication. The public health messages feature actors from several schools.

“From the very first class in January, my students have spent the semester developing social marketing campaigns to address some of the nagging public health issues affecting both our students and the public-at-large,” said Dr. Jeffrey Allen, assistant professor of health sciences and public health at the university.

Allen is grateful for the School of Communication students’ collaboration and hopes to make the film festival an annual event.

“Thankfully, the Video Production and Editing interns from the Jandoli School were eager to film, edit, and add that extra polish to the students’ work,” he said.

The following shorts will premiere at the festival:

Title: “Know the Risks”
Creators: Erin Keller, Krysten Sisson, and Harriet Acheampong
Producer: Grace Foley
Contributors/Actors: Mikayla Hyman, Madison Mundenar, Dr. Claire Watson, Jerica Obee, Nora Anderson, Aidan Shell, Ben Troche, Marion Soldano, Brandon Fardink, and Brenton Yarger

Title: “Vaping: Is it Worth it?”
Creators/Actors: Emma Dillon, Brandon Bailey, Peter Dinmore
Videographer/Editor: Chris Roy
Actors: Ethan Pryor, Bhavika Sethi, Claire Carpenter, and Morgan Kennedy

Title: “The Danger of Partying with Covid-19”
Creators: Ayushi Jain, Kacie Filian, Chimique Powell
Videographer and Editor: Tommy Valentine
Actors: Puja Sasankan, Ayushi Jain, Kacie Filian, Ryan Kunkle, Tanvi Paritala, Professor Jeffrey Szymanski

Title: “A Look in the Mirror”
Director/Editor: Rich William
Writers: Gabriel Lliev, Medesha Ewers, and Leiya Miller
Cast & Crew:
- Anorexic: Medesha Ewers
- Binge Eater: Leiya Miller
- Bulimic: Paul Boyd
- Therapist/Counselor: Gabriel Lliev

Title: “Socialize Sober”
Creators: Alyssa Dean, Paige Nicosia
Producer/Editor: Mikalya Hyman
Actors: Paige Nicosia, Anna Buchanan, Mikalya Hyman

Title: “Sunkissed Secrets”
Creators: Raine Pfeiffer, Madison Castlevetere, Sabrina Scuria
Producer/Editor: Ryan Bowlin
Actors: Raine Pfeiffer, Madison Castlevetere, Victoria Certo

Title: “Covid-19 is Still Real”
Creators: Lauren Vogel, Hannah Koning, Clinton Afful
Videographer/Editor: Nic Gelyon
Actors: Emily Renkas, Madison Milligan, Bridget Vogl
Extras: Joey Rozeski, Kuba Jakson, Tyler Regan, Ben Berger

Title: “This isn’t a Bad Dream, this is Real Life”
Creators: Grace Welling, Marianna Seefeldt, Doar
Editors/Producers: Zach Murphy, Tommy Valentine
Actors: Grace Welling, Marianna Seefeldt, Doar Doar

For more information about the Bonnes Film Festival, contact Dr. Jeffrey Allen at


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