St. Bonaventure University

Orientation Leaders

Orientation Coordinators

Charlie RandallCharlie Randall, '22
New Milford, Pa.

Major: Marketing
Fun fact: I have been in competitive eating challenges.
Favorite SBU Experience: Meeting my wonderful friends.


Grace WeberGrace Weber, '22
Orchard Park, N.Y.

Major: Elementary, Early & Inclusive Education
Fun Fact: I adopted a puppy over quarantine. Her name is Dakota. 
Favorite SBU experience: Working with the Orientation team.

Graduate Assistants

Rylee StantzRylee Stantz, '21
Binghamton, N.Y.

Major: Psychology
Fun fact: I was made in a petri dish.
Favorite SBU Experience: Meeting lifelong friends.


Ryan SignorinoRyan Signorino, '19, '21
Erie Pa.

Major: Journalism (BA), Clinical Mental Health Counseling (MSEd)
Fun fact: I was on the cross country and track team for six years.
Favorite SBU Experience: Long runs in Allegany with my teammates.



Orientation Interns

Houston TyreeHouston Tyree, '23
Lincoln University, Pa.

Major: Strategic Communication
Fun fact: I have red hair, blue eyes, and I’m a lefty, the rarest combination of those three traits.
Favorite SBU Experience: On my first visit to SBU it was pouring rain and a Jandoli School professor piled a bunch of us into her car and drove us from Murphy to the Reilly Center — a small act of kindness that SBU is known for. 


Reggie AsiamahReggie Asiamah, '23
Bronx, N.Y.

Major: Accounting
Fun fact: I play soccer and the piano.
Favorite SBU Experience: Going to Mt. Irenaeus for Franciscan retreats.



Parent Leaders

Rocco ArnoldRocco Arnold, '22
West Seneca, N.Y.

Major: Physical Education
Fun fact: I play Rugby and like to ski and skateboard.
Favorite SBU Experience: Hearing fans on the hill during Bonnies rugby matches, especially freshman year against Army. 


Megan HartsellMegan Hartsell, '24
Ellicottville, N.Y.

Major: Biology
Fun fact: I can ski backwards.
Favorite SBU Experience: Making new friends from all over the country.



Student Leaders

Casey BeiterCasey Beiter, '22
Youngstown, N.Y.

Major: Elementary & Inclusive Education
Fun fact: I had eye surgery when I was 3 and now one eye does not work while the other is open.
Favorite SBU Experience: Being on the Orientation team the last two summers.


Dwight ColemanDwight M. Coleman, '22
Buffalo, N.Y.

Major: Professional and Creative Writing
Fun fact: I have my own podcast.
Favorite SBU Experience: Being on the Orientation team the last two summers and meeting new freshmen. 


Adrienne HonakerAdrienne Honaker, '24
Clarence, N.Y.

Major: Inclusive Childhood & Early Childhood Education
Fun fact: My two older sisters also went to St. Bonaventure.
Favorite SBU Experience: Going to Dayton for the A-10 men’s basketball championship game. 


Emma DillonEmma Dillon, '23
Orchard Park, N.Y.

Major: Public Health
Fun fact: All of my siblings attended Bona’s.
Favorite SBU Experience: The SBU bus trip to New York City.
Bhavika SethiBhavika Sethi, '23
Albany, N.Y.

Major: Behavioral Neuroscience
Fun fact: I sat in Hickey Dining Hall with a friend for 12 hours straight.
Favorite SBU Experience: Watching our basketball team in March Madness tournaments.


Nikai SantiagoNikai Santiago, '24
Bronx, N.Y.

Major: Broadcast Journalism
Fun fact: I have my own podcast.
Favorite SBU Experience: Meeting new people from different backgrounds. 


Akim HudsonAkim Hudson, '23
Geneva, N.Y.

Major: Psychology
Fun fact: I am a co-creator of a grassroots organization, and I abide to a vegan diet.
Favorite SBU Experience: Chilling in the Falconio lobby. 


Jackson WurtzJackson Wurtz, '23
Buffalo, N.Y.

Major: Adolescence Education/Physics Concentration
Fun fact: I am new to playing the guitar.
Favorite SBU Experience: Going crazy at home basketball games. 


Hunter AllenbaughHunter Allenbaugh, '23
Brockway, Pa..

Major: Biochemistry
Fun fact: I am on SBU's Division 1 soccer team.
Favorite SBU Experience: Traveling to England with the soccer team.


Vinny RodriguezVinny Rodriguez, '24
Manhattan, N.Y.

Major: Criminology
Fun fact: I have been to Costa Rica twice.
Favorite SBU Experience: Looking forward to working with the Orientation team.


Tenaya RamadhanTenaya Ramadhan, '23
Olean, N.Y.

Major: Psychology
Fun fact: My birthday is Christmas Eve.
Favorite SBU Experience: participating in Concert and Chamber Choir. 


Maddie GilbertMaddie Gilbert, '24
Ringwood, N.J.

Major: Inclusive & Early Childhood Education
Fun fact: I am a double legacy student. My parents met at Bona's. 
Favorite SBU Experience: Watching SBU’s sports teams on weekends with my friends.