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Finish Strong At SBU

Transfer Admissions Process

Students who transferred to St. Bonaventure University from two and four-year institutions have become extraordinary. By building on foundations from their first universities, these students have gone on to find success in their academic and professional careers. You can become a Bonnie and Finish Strong! Join our students as they experience the discovery, community and individual dignity associated with a Franciscan education.  

We aim to make your transfer experience to St. Bonaventure as easy and convenient as possible.  On this page you will find answers to frequently asked questions from transfer students. St. Bonaventure has rolling admissions, which means that you can apply at anytime!

Our admission decision is based upon your performance in college as a student and individual. The majority of our transfer applicants have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or better. However, the best way to determine if a student is a good fit for St. Bonaventure (and vice versa) is through an on-campus interview. It is encouraged that all applicants contact our transfer coordinator, however, it is especially important for those students whose cumulative GPA is below or around a 2.5.

For in-depth information, please contact Andrew WyattTransfer Coordinator, at 716-375-2432 or 1-800-462-5050.

Why SBU?

Kailyn Jennings details her experience as a St. Bonaventure transfer student:

"Three years ago, I moved into Devereux Hall at St. Bonaventure University as a transfer student. On my first day at Bona’s, a professor sent me an email introducing himself. About ten minutes after he sent it, I stood in his office door. He invited me to eat pizza with him and a handful of students that Friday. There, I met a student who invited me to hang out with her. In another week, I knew I had friends. I knew Bona’s was my home."

Transfer Students

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