St. Bonaventure University

Sport Studies Program

The Bachelor of Science degree in sport studies is designed for students interested in careers in wellness and leisure industries, sports management, sports communication, sport sociology, allied health fields, sports psychology, rehabilitation, fitness and coaching.

This non-teaching major also positions graduates for admission to a range of graduate programs supporting practice and research in human performance and the allied health professions.

Study in human movement and exercise will provide sport studies majors with a comprehensive understanding of the physiological and psychosocial foundations of movement in exercise and sport.

The framework of the sport studies program offers students a unique movement-based experience. Students choose from among four cognate tracks:

  • Human Development and Sport
  • Exercise Science
  • Sports Management
  • Coaching and Human Performance
  • Sport studies minor

    The sport studies minor provides a solid grounding in the fundamentals of sport studies to aid in the understanding of their major fields.

    Requirements for the sport studies minor

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