St. Bonaventure University

School of Education Spring Forum 2023

The School of Education's Spring Forum was held April 19, 2023, and featured two one-hour Zoom sessions.


Watch a recording of Spring Forum 2023
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Session 1: Restorative Wellness, Remembering Your Why and Prioritizing Your "I"
St. Bonaventure counseling faculty members presented on Restorative Wellness and the Restorative Resilience Model to help participants destress and connect. This interactive presentation invited participants to join in some mindfulness activities while also collectively sharing the myths of "Knowing Your Why" and the difference between resilience and not taking care of self. 

  • Session 2: The Art of Teacher Retention: Culture and Communication
    Teacher retention remains a most vexing problem and challenge for schools. Darling-Hammond (2013) reported that the single most important resource that contributes to student achievement is teacher quality. This workshop focused on organizational practices, strategies and support systems that create school culture environments where teachers want to stay in the profession.

    Participants heard wisdom from veteran teachers who stayed in the profession for over 20 years and from school principals who have successfully created enabling school cultures that support teachers and their professional development.