St. Bonaventure University

Computer Science Outreach Programs

The Department of Computer Science holds two exciting events for students with an interest in computers who plan to attend college: Girls Day and a High School Programming Contest.

Girls Day

This daylong event, held on a Saturday each fall on the St. Bonaventure campus, is for girls in grades 6-8 who have an interest in technology. Attendees are students from school in the Olean area.

Through a series of workshops presented by women working in tech fields, students learn about career opportunities in such areas as robotics, animation, video gaming, web page creation, video editing and others.

The program's aim is to stimulate interest in computer technology among middle school girls and to demonstrate that the once male-dominated field is rich with career opportunities for women. Presenters include a number of women who are math and computer science graduates of SBU.

High School Programming Contest

A team of students working on a computer programming problemThis invitational event, held on campus each spring, welcomes teams of students from regional high schools for a morning-long competition in programming problem solving.

Working in computer labs in the Walsh Science Center, teams are presented with a number of problems and have three hours to solve as many as they can. The teams are then ranked based on the number of problems solved and the time required to solve each.

Problems involve such things as analyzing networks for vulnerabilities, measuring password strength and performing analyses of stock prices. During the competition, the students' faculty advisers attend a presentation by a member of the university's Office of Technology Services.

Girls Day and the High School Programming Contest are presented at no cost to the participating schools.