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Arts & Sciences Exposition

The 2021 Arts & Sciences Expo has been canceled due to the novel coronavirus pandemic.

The Arts & Sciences Exposition, known more simply as The Expo, is an annual celebration of exceptional research and creative work by students who were mentored by faculty in the St. Bonaventure School of Arts & Sciences.

The Expo is held near the end of April in the St. Bonaventure Conference Center in Doyle Hall. The entire campus is invited to view the projects. The student participants are present to answer questions about their projects during the catered reception.

The projects in the Expo reflect not only the outstanding work of our students, but also the superb mentoring of our Arts and Sciences faculty. The faculty mentors provide the frameworks within which the students excel and they champion their students' efforts by inviting the students to the Exposition.

The event was formerly called The Student Research & Creative Endeavors Exposition.

Soquania, Alexandra, Kaitlyn, & Ramya presented their psychology research at the 2019 Expo
Soquania Henry ‘19, Alexandra Wynn ‘20, Kaitlyn Engdahl ‘20, & Ramya Sreeramoju ‘19 presented their research (with Jeniffer Minaya ‘20 and Ankur Jain ‘20) on "Cell Phone Notifications During Lecture: Effects on Attention and Memory" at the 2019 Expo.

How the Expo works

Early in the spring semester, Arts and Sciences faculty are asked to invite students to the Expo who they mentored on a substantial project during the current academic year and whose performance on the project was meritorious. Honors projects, student research projects, independent studies, and course projects are all welcome.

Participants typically summarize their work on 30-inch by 40-inch posters and present their posters at the Exposition. Presentation formats other than posters, but similar to posters, are also welcome. Expositions feature paintings and drawings and some projects are presented on computers or projected onto screens.

The projects are on display for two or three days, which always include a Thursday. On Thursday, a catered reception is held during which participants stand next to their projects and answer questions from admiring students, staff, and faculty. (However, students do not make formal presentations.) The Exposition’s reception is arranged to be that week's Thursday Forum.

For more information...

...about the Arts & Sciences Exposition, please contact its organizer:

Dr. Chris Hill
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(716) 375-2025
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