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Tate published in Journal of Aesthetics and Phenomenology

Mar 02, 2021 |

An article by Dr. Daniel Tate, professor of philosophy, is slated for publication.
After a year-long delay, “Intimate Strangeness: Gadamer on Celan, Dialogue, and the Other” will appear in the Journal of Aesthetics and Phenomenology, Volume 7 / Issue 1 (2020).
In this paper, Tate discusses Hans-Georg Gadamer’s interpretation of selected poems by Paul Celan as they bear witness to the other. Taking up Celan’s understanding of poetry as “essentially dialogue,” he defends a hermeneutic approach to Celan and examines how Gadamer’s engagement with the poet’s late work reveals a deeper dimension of dialogue as a correspondence of address and response wherein I and You turn toward each (as) other.