St. Bonaventure University


  • alex-gillham-web
    Gillham, Alex R
    Assistant Professor of Philosophy
    Co-director of The Center for Law & Society

    Office phone: (716) 375-2292
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    Francis Hall 249
  • Heather McDivitt, St. Bonaventure University
    McDivitt, Heather
    Lecturer, Philosophy
    Co-director of the Honors Program

    Office phone: (716) 375-2015
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    De La Roche 219
  • Stephen Setman, St. Bonaventure University
    Setman, Stephen A.
    Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy
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    Francis Hall 250
  • tate-web-profile-pic
    Tate, Daniel L.
    Professor of Philosophy
    Office phone: (716) 375-2278
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    Doyle Hall 133
  • dr-russell-j-woodruff
    Woodruff, Russell J.
    Associate Professor
    Department Chair
    Member, Environmental Studies Council

    Office phone: (716) 375-2470
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    Walsh Science Center G12