St. Bonaventure University

Admission Criteria

Applicants who are not SBU students or graduates are to apply through the Occupational Therapist Centralized Application Service (OTCAS).

Applicants who are current St. Bonaventure students or SBU alumni, please apply here.

Application deadlines

For fall 2021 Applicants: Graduate applications to the Master of Science in Occupational Therapy (MSOT) program will be accepted on a rolling admissions basis through June 11, 2021. A complete application requires that the application be e-submitted and all transcripts, payments, and a letter of recommendation have been received.

International and non-native English speakers must contact Admissions for additional application requirements.

Documents should be sent to OTCAS several weeks prior to the deadline date to ensure all items arrive on time.

A rolling acceptance policy will be used, so applicants may hear from the program prior to the June deadline. Individuals interested in applying after June 11 can contact the OT Department for consideration for admission on a space-available basis.

The class size will be approximately 20, 25, and 30 students in the first, second, and third cohorts, respectively. 

Prerequisite requirements

Students must meet the MSOT program prerequisites before submitting their application. Prerequisite courses must be completed or in progress at the time of application and must have a minimum grade of C. Applicants must also have a bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited college/university within the United States or Canada.

  • Application process

    Simply meeting the prerequisites and submitting an application will not guarantee acceptance into the program. The Admissions Committee will decide which applicants are selected for admission. You will be notified when your OTCAS application is received by our program.

    Your application will be reviewed for completeness within 7 days. If your application is not complete, you will be notified and your application process will cease until corrections or additions are made, or the application is closed.

    Once reviewed by an Admissions team member, the application will be either closed (and proceed no further) or recommended for St. Bonaventure OT Admissions Committee review. The committee will then make one of these final determinations:
    1. the applicant is accepted
    2. the applicant is placed on an “active” list for future consideration
    3. the applicant is informed that he/she has not been selected

  • The Bona Advantage

    The Bona Advantage is an opportunity for St. Bonaventure undergraduate students to be assured of being admitted to the OT program each year. St. Bonaventure students must indicate their intent to apply to the OT program by March 1 of their junior year, and apply for admittance by the start of the fall semester of their senior year.

    To be eligible for the OT Bona Advantage program, students must:

    • maintain a cumulative 3.0 GPA throughout their undergraduate education
    • obtain a C or above on all prerequisite courses
    • current SBU students and alumni only: Please APPLY HERE.

    Transfer Student Policy

    Students requesting the transfer of credits for occupational therapy coursework will have the course syllabi reviewed and approved by the program director. Only course credits that were earned at ACOTE-approved OT or OTA programs and that meet ACOTE standards for the course content will be considered. 

  • Technology requirements for distance learning

    Recommendations for technology needed for the classroom and distance-learning components of the occupational therapy program are listed on SBU’s Technology Services webpage. Technology Services makes no preferences as to the make or model of any computer coming on to our network. We offer the following general recommendations: 
    • Windows Operating System: Windows 10
    • Macintosh OS 10.x
    • Minimum of 8 Gb of RAM for memory
    • Solid-state hard drive of at least 240 Gb
    • Microsoft Office — available to download free from your student Office 365 account (see instructions on your MySBU portal under Tech Assistance)
    • Virus Protection
    In addition, students are expected to have access to reliable internet access and a webcam.