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Voss & Schrems present at Literacy Institute Mega Conference

Feb 09, 2024

Dr. Sheri B. Voss, assistant professor of MSED B-12 reading literacy, and Dr. Tracy Schrems, assistant professor of adolescence education, presented a reading initiative in Houston, Texas, at the National Literacy Institute Mega Educators Conference in early November.

Their workshop presentation, "Rock a Love of Reading with Reciprocal Teaching," informed K-12 teachers how to effectively and in best practice utilize this innovative role-playing reading comprehension strategy. The duo incorporated the mantra of the SBU reading literacy program whose mission is to empower teachers to inspire learners to fall in love with reading.

Their interactive workshop included props and materials that could be taken from the conference directly into classrooms. Using the combined strategy of reciprocal teaching and the methodology of the Gradual Release of Responsibility (GRR) model, conference attendees from across the nation learned how the four components of the strategy equip students at all reading levels and all diversities while incorporating role play, held thinking, and scaffolded instruction. 

Once teachers understand how to help students attack a text using the four approaches of prediction, clarification, questioning, and summarizing, their reading comprehension skills can soar. The importance of anchor charts, connotations, and lifelines were also stressed. Research supported, these methodologies can increase learner reading ability levels in as little as four to six months when using the approach with fidelity.

Voss and Schrems were invited back to the next institute event in 2024 by Dr. Ingrid Haynes, National Literacy Institute director.