MSEd Adolescence Education Curriculum & Courses

The courses listed in the table below are required for those in the MSED Adolescence Education Program.  Upon entry into the program, your adviser will set up a degree plan.

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MSED in Adolescence Education Requirements

 Courses    Credits 
     DIFF 510. Differentiated Instructional Strategies
     EDUC 500. Research Methods
     EDUC 505. Technology for Educators and Counselors 
     EDUC 510. Advanced Human Growth and Development 
     EDUC 523. Designing and Delivering Instruction 
     EDUC 524. Methods and Models for Special Subjects 
     Take ONE of the following Special Methods courses (depending on certification area)
                   EDUC 524A. Secondary English Methods
                   EDUC 524B. Secondary LOTE Methods 
                   EDUC 524C. Secondary Math Methods
                   EDUC 524D. Secondary Science Methods
                   EDUC 524E. Secondary Social Science Methods 
     EDUC 526. Managing Instruction and Behavior  3
     EDUC 528. Legal and Ethical Issues for Teachers 
     EDUC 533. Historical and Philosophical Foundations for Curriculum 
     EDUC 540. Evaluating Learners and Learning 
     READ 525. Problems of Literacy in the Secondary Schools 
     READ 560. Literacy in the Content Areas 
     EDUC 588. Secondary Student Teaching: Grades 7-12 
                  (Prerequisite: All course work completed) 
     Required noncredit workshops
                  EDUC 599A. Safe Schools Workshop (online)
                  EDUC 599B. Child-Abuse Prevention Workshop (online)
                  EDUC 599D. Cultural Diversity Workshop
 TOTAL  39

Contact Information

If you wish to apply to this program, please contact the Graduate Admissions Office at St. Bonaventure University at (716) 375-2021 or for graduate admission materials.

For more information regarding the degree in adolescence education, please contact Dr. Lisa Buenaventura.

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