Math major Erica Low, Class of 2022, presented the "St. Bonaventure Prime Project" at the 2022 SBU Arts & Sciences Exposition.

St. Bonaventure University

Mathematics Program

The remarkable effectiveness of mathematics to reveal and quantify patterns in every human discipline makes a degree in mathematics enormously valuable and versatile.

The Department of Mathematics at St. Bonaventure University offers a major that prepares students for a myriad of careers, ranging from business to industry to government to secondary education, as well as for graduate school.


Interested in teaching grade 7-12 math?

At St. Bonaventure you have two paths to initial certification:

  • Earn your Bachelor of Science in mathematics while completing requirements for initial certification as a math teacher in grades 7-12. Learn more.
  • Earn your Bachelor of Science in adolescent education with a concentration in mathematics, which also completes the requirements for initial certification as a math teacher in grades 7-12. Learn more.

Why choose mathematics?

  • The curriculum offers foundational courses in calculus, discrete mathematics, analysis, and abstract algebra, as well as electives that students may select based on their interests or career goals.
  • The program is flexible enough that a student may complement the mathematics major with a minor, a second major, or honors. Mathematics majors often obtain a minor, and some a second major, in a closely allied area such as computer science, chemistry, finance, or physics.
  • The mathematics program provides excellent preparation for secondary school teaching. As highlighted above, a student has two Bachelor of Science options for obtaining their initial certification to teach mathematics in grades 7-12 in New York State. Alternately, a student may earn a traditional B.S. in mathematics and remain at St. Bonaventure to complete a Master's in adolescence education.
  • Students receive one-on-one advising with departmental faculty in selecting a program of study and in pursuing admission to graduate school, professional programs or careers in mathematics.
  • Non-majors may obtain a minor in mathematics to complement their own major. A mathematics minor goes well with a major in chemistry, computer science, finance, physics, and just about anything else.

The Chair of the Department of Mathematics is Dr. Christopher Hill, who may be contacted by email or by phone at (716) 375-2025. The Department is located in the Mathematics Suite, which is comprised of rooms 301 and 303 of De La Roche Hall.

Program information

The Department of Mathematics offers a B.S. in mathematics, a B.S. in mathematics with grades 7-12 teaching certification, and a minor in mathematics.

Bachelor of Science in mathematics

The major in mathematics provides a broad foundation of mathematical knowledge and a selection of electives that the student may select based on their interests or career goals.

Degree requirements and a four-year plan for the mathematics major

Bachelor of Science in mathematics with teaching certification

Earn a Bachelor of Science in math while completing all requirements for initial New York state certification to teach math in grades 7-12.

Program details and requirements

  • Minor in mathematics

    For non-majors, the math minor provides a solid grounding in mathematics to aid in the understanding of their major fields.

    Requirements for the mathematics minor

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