St. Bonaventure University

Early Assurance Cybersecurity (B.S./M.S.)

Our Early Assurance Cybersecurity program guarantees qualified high school seniors placement in our master's degree program in Cybersecurity. Students who successfully complete the program will earn bachelor's and master's degrees.

The program allows students to begin taking graduate-level courses during their senior year of undergraduate studies. Not only does this provide a financial savings on the overall cost of the master's degree, but because the master's program is strictly online, it provides the opportunity to work and earn a salary while completing the degree.

Qualifications for admittance

Students must have a 1200 SAT and 90% or higher GPA in high school.  

Program Requirements

1. Major: Any major that results in a B.S. or B.A. in four years is acceptable.

2. Minimum Courses Required for the Program: 

    • 8 credit hours Computer Science with Lab: CS/CSL 131, CS/CSL 132
    • 4 credit hours of Computer Networks: CS/CSL 254
    • 4 credit hours of Computer Organizations: CS/CSL 231
    • 3 credit hours Information Security: CYB 101
    • 3 credit hours of Computer Crime: CYB 355 (recommended)
    • 3 credit hours of Introduction to Internet Security Systems: CS 354 (recommended)
3. Students may use AP or transfer credit to place out of:  CS/CSL 131, CYB 101 or other general requirements designated by the University.

4. Students must maintain full-time status.

5. Required and recommended courses must be taken for a grade. 

6. Students must maintain a 3.4 overall GPA and a 3.25 GPA in Computer Science/Cyber courses.

7. Students who do not meet the GPA standards will be provided a letter indicating that they will be placed on probation until the GPA requirement is met. Students who continually fall short of the required qualifications may have their seat revoked.

8. Current SBU students may apply for the Early Assurance program if they meet the 3.4 and 3.25 GPA requirements.