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Cybersecurity Program

Prepare for your career as an information systems security professional

Cybersecurity at St. Bonaventure equips you with the sophisticated tools necessary to pursue a career in computer crime investigation, information assurance and digital forensics. Cybersecurity students use their education to detect, investigate, and prevent technology related crimes. 

Degrees Offered

  • Cybersecurity professionals in high demand

    Infosec, a leading cybersecurity training company, reported earlier this year that there is a worldwide shortage of nearly 3 million in the ranks of cybersecurity professionals, and about 500,000 in North America alone.

    One of the most, if not the most, shorthanded sectors of the economy right now is information security, according to, a website that helps prospective students and early career professionals find career opportunities.

    Government and military opportunities abound

    "When it comes to federal jobs in cybersecurity, the sky is the limit," Fortune magazine reported earlier this year. From system engineers and software developers to cyber defense forensics analysts and ethical hackers, there are a wide range of jobs to be filled.

    "There is a lot of value for cyber students to pursue work in government sectors, with the military being a great start," said Brian Kellogg, undergraduate Cybersecurity program chair and university director of information security and infrastructure.

    Students may want to explore opportunities through St. Bonaventure's Department of Military Science (Army ROTC program), which offers a number of scholarships for students interested in the military. For more about such scholarships, consult the St. Bonaventure Army ROTC Scholarship Overview brochure.

    Other cybersecurity career opportunities include:

    • Intelligence analyst 
    • Computer crimes special investigator
    • Information assurance specialist
    • Credit card fraud investigator
    • Health insurance special investigator 
    • Money laundering analyst 
    • Network administrator
    • Bank security compliance officer
    • Compliance, risk management and fraud supervisor 
    • Digital forensics examiner

    How to start a career in cybersecurity

    Experienced professionals share advice for entering the exciting, important and high-demand field of cybersecurity in this informative webinar.

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      May 01, 2024 | Determining a way to manage inactive records wasn’t part of his job description, but Jacob Brockel, a junior Accounting major from Allegany, New York, tackled the problem anyway.

      Apr 11, 2024 | Dr. Anne Foerst, professor of computer science and program chair, will deliver the keynote address at the annual synod of the U.S. Presbyterian Church in Chicago on April 20.

      Mar 27, 2024 | St. Bonaventure University will receive $450,000 in federal funding to develop a Cyber Operations Center on campus. The university would bring actual cyber-attack material into a configured, closed-network environment and use that material for hands-on learning regarding attack prevention and detection/response techniques.