St. Bonaventure University

Franciscan Institute Research Grant Application

I. Applicant Information

II. Academic Vitae Information

Please include a letter of recommendation from an academic peer acquainted with your work

III. Project Narrative

Provide the title and description of your project. State research questions the project will address.
Describe how your project fits into an ongoing program of research. Explain how this work will complement your research to date.
State the expected contribution of the project to an understanding of the origin and early development of the Franciscan movement. How will it add significantly to the body of knowledge or methodology? How does it relate to the themes identified for the annual symposia?
Describe your methodology and theoretical framework.
Describe your work plan including a project start date and timeline. State specifically what will be completed by the end of the grant period.
Describe the specific form in which you plan to disseminate the results of your research—e.g., book, monograph, series of articles. Describe any further work that will be needed to achieve this.
List any other sources of support for this project, including funds already committed and applications in process or planned.