WS 374/THFS 374. Women and the Bible

The Bible was written by, for, and about men. As a result, it reflects the ideas, judgments, and worldviews of men. This course examines how this male-centered perspective affects the way women are portrayed (or more often ignored) throughout the biblical record. The contributions of women to the social and religious life of ancient Israel and the early Christian church are regularly downplayed in these writings, and negative images and stereotypes of women abound. The few women who are honored for their accomplishments are notable exceptions to the rule. What are we to make of this overt bias? Does faithfulness to the Bible mean that people of faith must accept all that it says about women and men? Is it possible for us to learn to read the biblical texts in a gender-neutral way? What could we learn about the place of women in ancient Israel and the early church if we make the effort? These are some of the questions that will engage us in the present course.
Offered: Regularly
Credits: 3