IS 102. Global Catholicism

This course explores the different forms that the Catholic Church has taken as it has adapted to diverse cultures around the world and attempts to unpack the idea of “catholicity” for our contemporary time. It introduces the student to a variety of issues facing Catholic Christians that arise in the contemporary context of globalization. Besides looking at theological and religious expressions and adaptations of Catholic beliefs, attention will be given to the socio-political global scene and how Catholicism approaches the modern day reality of inter-dependency, respect and need of accountability between cultures.  Contemporary sensitivity to the categories of culture, identity and location is responsible for a vital creativity evident in contributions, challenges and critiques by various current catholic thinkers and theologians. Special emphasis will be placed on the Franciscan experience and response to globalization on social justice issues relying on available material from Franciscans International, the non-governmental organization (NGO) with general consultative status at the United Nations, and material from the Vatican Secretariat of State and other Pontifical departments which deal with issues of international concern. 
Offered: On Occasion
Credits: 3