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Students at St. Bonaventure are putting their hearts and minds to work.

No matter what your generosity looks like, it matters. Your gift to St. Bonaventure reaches students in need of support and has a meaningful impact. And your contribution strengthens our legacy as a Franciscan university for our time, and for all time, as we plan for the future.

Gifts of all sizes make a difference because they’re part of something much bigger. These gifts build momentum. They add to the spending power of other gifts like it.

Your gift and many like it often fund Bonaventure’s current-use needs. Many of these gifts directly support students, whether it’s through financial aid or other vital student services that support their success at Bona’s. Your gift can also support any project, program, or cause at the university. It can help student organizations or places on campus that you care about. It can also support faculty research projects that strive to do the greatest good for the world.


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Did you know?

St. Bonaventure’s budget comes from different sources. This helps the university pay for costs that aren’t covered by tuition and fees. Having many different kinds of revenue helps St. Bonaventure avoid financial risk. It also ensures that the university can continue to adapt.

Like other U.S. colleges and universities, St. Bonaventure relies on donors to help keep its budget healthy and diverse. Cash gifts help cover operating expenses each year, including costs associated with financial aid. They also allow the university to fund new opportunities, expenses, and areas of need.