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St. Bonaventure University

Faculty members awarded school grant for research

Feb 09, 2024

The School of Education Writers Group, formed in 2023 with the support of Dr. René Hauser, school dean, has been awarded a research grant by the school’s Cultural Responsive Committee (CRC). Their project is to explore faculty and teacher-candidate challenges, fatigue, and resilience in rural educational settings with a focus on themes of belonging and DEI.

Faculty members Dr. Sheri B. Voss, Dr. Tracy Schrems, Dr. Chad Luke, Dr. Pamina Abkowitz, Dr. Donna Dombek, and Dr. Paula Scraba were bestowed a grant from the school's first annual Intra-School Funding Initiative, managed by the CRC. The fund is designed to support faculty seeking to advance their scholarship in a way that is oriented with the School of Education's strategic plan. The Writers Group project aligns with the core mission of advancing diversity, equity, inclusion, and belongingness among faculty, students, and staff.

The ongoing research has built-in multiple opportunities for the sharing of the group's work within and beyond the School of Education.