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Inside Bona's is an e-publication in which St. Bonaventure University faculty and staff share their professional news. It is distributed to the university community via email every other week during the academic year.

While Inside Bona's is distributed only to those with SBU email accounts, it's contents are made available here. The most recent new items appear below. Previous entries may be found on the Inside Bona's Archives site.

Submitting news to Inside Bona's

Faculty and staff, to submit your news to Inside Bona's use the online form below.


Inside Bona's submission form

Faculty and staff, please use the form below to submit your news to Inside Bona's.

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NOTE: For faculty members who have a photo on file with the Office of Marketing and Communications it is not necessary to send a head-and-shoulders photo. (if a photo accompanies your faculty profile on the website, we have your photo.) This upload is for photos other than these existing head-and-shoulders photos.

PLEASE provide enough information for this item to be written in narrative form; a short story or news item, if you will. Inside Bona's is an opportunity to publish, in story form, an account of your latest accomplishment. It is not intended as a vehicle for posting a laundry list of CV or resume updates.



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