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Dr. Oleg Bychkov delivers lecture at Trinity College, Oxford

Oct 16, 2019

Dr. Oleg Bychkov, professor of theology and Franciscan studies, delivered a lecture on the aesthetics of the so-called Sum of Alexander of Hales (Summa Halensis), an influential early 13th century Franciscan theological treatise, at the colloquium “The Summa Halensis: Philosophy and Reception” held at Trinity College, Oxford, on Sept. 23.

The lecture was under the auspices of a major five-year grant from the European Research Council aimed at deepening our understanding of the Sum of Alexander and administered by Professor Lydia Schumacher, King’s College, London. 

Under the auspices of the same grant, Bychkov and Lydia Schumacher are preparing a collection of English translations of key texts from the Sum of Alexander, which will be published by Fordham University Press (tentatively in 2020) under the title "Early Franciscan Theology: A Reader."