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Service Internships & Fellowships

The Robert C. Conroy Memorial Parish Internship Program and the Mary Yankelovich Endowed Fellowship Program are grounded in the Franciscan ideas of peace and social justice.

Robert C. Conroy Memorial Parish Internship Program

This program was established by John, ’58, and Carolyn Connors in 2003 in honor of SBU alumnus and longtime employee Bob Conroy. This is an ecumenical internship program that has the goal of allowing students to explore issues related to their faith and life issues of social justice, peace and the classroom.

What might an intern do?

Parish interns are involved in various types of ministries, and the options are numerous. You might
  • help a parish organize and implement a service project
  • teach in a religious education program
  • advocate within a church for various issues related to social justice
  • work with a children’s ministry or youth group
  • help with liturgical planning and leadership

What are the internships about?

The internships are based broadly within the tradition of the seven principles of Catholic Social Teaching:
  • life and dignity of the human person
  • call to family, community and participation
  • rights and responsibilities
  • options for the poor and vulnerable
  • the dignity of work and the rights of workers
  • solidarity
  • care for God’s creation
Interns serve in parishes as a method of making these guidelines of Christian living a reality. In planning service, advocacy and education projects with the parish, interns and parish members are challenged to make deep connections between these social teachings and parish life.

To learn more or apply, contact:

Fr. Stephen Mimnaugh, O.F.M.
Interim University Chaplain
(716) 375-2622
Send an email

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Mary Yankelovich Endowed Fellowship

The purpose of this fellowship is to develop leaders dedicated to the transformation of society based on the Franciscan ideas of peace, justice, reconciliation and service.

This leadership development program is designed to

  • reinforce an appreciation of the university’s core values of discovery, community and respect for the dignity of all people
  • prepare one to undertake a life of humane service
  • foster an understanding of the opportunities for social transformation in light of the goals, values and styles of Franciscan leadership
  • develop training and skills in Franciscan leadership
  • develop confidence and courage in one’s capacity to be an agent of change while at the university and in the future
Mary Yankelovich Fellows, integrating theory and practice, participate in a two-year leadership development program under the mentorship of a St. Bonaventure University faculty or staff member who is chosen by the Fellow and authorized by the Mary Yankelovich Fellowship Committee.

Based on their interest, junior Fellows develop a service project to be implemented in their senior year, thereby  modeling the qualities of Franciscan leadership for junior Fellows and for the campus community generally. Past fellows have integrated their Yankelovich project with senior capstone research and Senior Honors projects.

Yankelovich Fellows receive a stipend each semester of their senior year. In addition, senior Fellows receive a serve project budget. Senior Fellows are recognized during Commencement ceremonies and their names are inscribed on a plaque prominently displayed at the university.

Mentors also receive endowment-funded stipends both semesters of the Fellow’s senior year for their work and participation.

Criteria for eligibility

Candidates must:
  • be SBU juniors with a minimum grade point average of 3.25 who will attain senior class standing by start of the following fall semester
  • have a deep appreciation for the university’s core values of discovery, community and human dignity
    show an exceptional commitment to community service
  • exhibit outstanding leadership potential

How To apply

The cultivation, nomination and selection of Mary Yankelovich Fellows is the responsibility of the Mary Yankelovich Fellowship Committee.

To apply, a student should meet with a member of the Fellowship Committee to express an interest and obtain further information. Students must provide:

  • a brief resume highlighting previous service commitments and leadership roles
  • a two-page essay on how the university’s core values are reflected in the candidate's daily life
  • two letters of recommendation that attest to the candidate’s fulfillment of the eligibility criteria
  • a transcript
  • a brief description of the proposed project
Students who meet the eligibility criteria will be interviewed by the Fellowship Committee. Candidates will be notified of the committee's choice.

Application materials should be submitted (email submissions welcome) to:

Dr. Anne-Claire Fisher
School of Education
B5 Plassmann Hall
Send an email

Fr. Stephen Mimnaugh
Interim University Chaplain
(716) 375-2622
Send an email

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