Flipped Classroom

What is Flipped@SBU?
 It's a group of SBU instructors who are using technology to engage students, both in and out of the classroom.  It's all about creating a vitally engaging learning environment.

How does it work?  Instructors use videos to present lecture materials to students before class. Class time can then be transformed into an active, group learning experience.  

What do these video lessons look like?  Watch for yourself, over on the left 

Why should I care? Flipped classrooms at SBU will give you the chance to review content before class or after class, as many times as you like.  Not sure what the instructor said about the time value of money? Just go back and watch the video.  Class time can be spent in active, engaged learning activities.

Does it work? That's best answered by the instructors themselves, check out the videos on the right 

Flipping Accounting

Dr. Carol Fischer, Accounting Professor

Flipping the Classroom

Laurie Branch, Finance Professor
John Mattia, Teaching Assistant