St. Bonaventure University

QCA Summer Experiences

Four fun-filled and exciting one-day immersions into the art world, each for youngsters of different ages.

Children in an art session

█ July 30 — Artistic Explorers | Recommended ages: 3-5
Note: Participants must be accompanied by an adult ages 18 or over at all times

Everyone can be an artist and this experience is designed to spark the imagination of our younger practitioners. Participants will paint and draw on their very own three dimensional wood shapes inspired by the artistic styles and stories of Marc Chagall and Vasya Kandinsky. Each session includes a series of stories, an art activity, and a snack.

Two sessions available:
  • Session I: 10 a.m.-noon
  • Session II: 1-3 p.m.
Maximum attendance: 10 children per session
Cost: $10 (See discounts below)

█ Aug. 3 — Art Tools & Techniques | Recommended ages: 6-8
Designed for burgeoning artists, this experience will introduce them to new tools and materials to nurture their creative spark and create original works. In the first hour participants will practice various painting techniques, as the group works step-by-step to create a watercolor still life. In the second hour participants will enter the QCA “Print Studio” to view different styles of prints from our collection and try out various printmaking techniques.

Time: 10 a.m.-noon
Maximum attendance: 20 participants
Cost: $25 (See discounts below)

█ Aug. 5 — Fabric Art & Dyeing | Recommended ages: 9-12
Help your artist discover a world of textile art beyond backyard summer tie-dyeing! Participants will practice various Shibori techniques, manual resist patterns such as binding, twisting, sewing, or clamping cloth, and will hand dye their creations in various natural and synthetic dye baths. Each participant will leave with multiple functional art pieces including scarves, reusable bags, t-shirts, stretched canvas, and pieces of fabric to use for other creations.

Time: 10 a.m.-noon
Maximum attendance: 20 participants
Cost: $25 (See discounts below)

█ Aug.  10 — Fluid Artworks | Recommended ages: 12-15
Designed for the creative who lives for the new, now, next movements in art, this experience is all about creating the works they’ve probably only ever seen online. Participants will learn about various fluid media in art, creating fluid acrylic paintings and sculptures or jewelry using blue light resin and found objects.

Time: 12:30-2:30 p.m.
Maximum attendance: 20 participants
Cost: $30 (See discounts below)

Family and SBU discounts available

  • $5 discount for each additional member of the same family unit registered for any Summer Experiences program.
  • $5 discount for children of St. Bonaventure employees.