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Jandoli School of Communication

Our story is steeped in success. For more than 70 years, the Jandoli School of Communication has distinguished itself as a world-class program. 

Jandoli School alumni include instantly recognizable and highly regarded communications professionals, such as Dan Barry of the New York Times, ESPN's Adrian "Woj" Wojnarowski, and three-time New York Sportswriter of the Year Mike Vaccaro of the New York Post.
The school's home in the Murphy Professional Building is long overdue for a makeover to ensure that this enviable record of success continues.

Enjoy the WSBU 88.3 FM "The Buzz" interview with Dean Aaron Chimbel, who talks about the Jandoli School & the Bolder Bonaventure campaign.
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    Academic Mission and Student Experience

    Every initiative at St. Bonaventure is designed to offer students an intellectual journey that explores a larger context for their personal, professional and civic lives.

    With your support, we can revitalize the campus, expand academic programs, increase enrollment, and build a healthy endowment. The collective power of our contributions will ensure that St. Bonaventure remains an extraordinary place to live and learn.

    Enjoy the WSBU 88.3 FM "The Buzz" interview with VP Bob Van Wicklin, who discusses the pillars of the Bolder Bonaventure campaign.
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    Franciscan Mission and Ministries

    Saint Bonaventure, our patron, taught that “there is no knowledge without love.” In this spirit, we educate the whole of our students, their hearts as well as their minds.

    Alumni recount time and again how they knew St. Bonaventure was the school for them the moment they first set foot on campus as prospective students. They sense something different about this place, a recognition that we are an academic and spiritual community that affirms the dignity of every individual and forges bonds of mutual acceptance and understanding.

    We offer a transformative experience, inspiring students to embrace a lifetime commitment to service and citizenship. As we say, once a Bonnie, always a Bonnie.
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    Doubly grateful

    “I was fortunate to work for Ford Motor Company as a product designer this summer. I'm so grateful to Bona's User Interface Design elective, where I learned that design is a part of computer science and something I can pursue long term.”

    Emma Stoeckle, December '22
    Computer science and cybersecurity double major
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