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Senior Emma Stoeckle: from homeschooled to attending a school that feels like home

Sep 23, 2022 | By Elizabeth Egan, '24

The second time was the charm for Emma Stoeckle when touring St. Bonaventure University. 
Pictured_Emma Stoeckle_a computer science and cybersecurity double majorStoeckle, a senior computer science and cybersecurity double major from Easton, Pennsylvania, liked to visit schools during finals or midterms so that she could get a feel for the campus during a stressful time. At St. Bonaventure, she experienced an environment where students worked together to study and even took the time to say hello. 
“I was immediately drawn in by the relaxed and friendly atmosphere I found here,” Stoeckle said. 

Homeschooled in high school, Stoeckle worried about going from a school of one to a student body of more than 2,000. She also wondered if she could compete with graduates from schools with bigger computer science programs.

“My internships with Ford Motor Company during the past two summers have proved to me that I can compete and that there are benefits to a small school,” she said.

Bona’s personalized instruction and the availability of one-on-one assistance in its Career and Professional Readiness Center aided Stoeckle in landing the internships, illustrating to her how even a small school can have far-reaching connections to big companies.

"I was fortunate to work for Ford as a product designer last summer. I'm so grateful to Bona's User Interface Design elective, where I learned that design is a part of computer science and something I can pursue long term,” she said.

Stoeckle is on track to graduate a semester early. Once she receives her diploma this December, she will head to Dearborn, Michigan, where she will become part of Ford’s College Graduate Program. She’ll have the opportunity to rotate through departments and experience various roles throughout the company. 
Pictured_Emma and Bona friends“It’s a program specifically designed for college graduates to help them gain work experience and pick a job that will set them up for the future,” Stoeckle said.
While she has worked hard to turn her education into a successful career, Stoeckle has also found so much more to enjoy at St. Bonaventure. Her involvement on campus ranges from serving as an Admissions student ambassador to being a member on the bowling team to tapping into her artsy side through Concert Choir and overseeing photography for the Residence Hall Association’s Instagram page. Last fall she helped the group create a Humans of Bonaventure series, which ended up being one of her favorite projects. 
While none of these activities apply to computer science or cyber security, they are all integral parts of what has made her time at St. Bonaventure so special. Stoeckle learned her freshman year that something as simple as slipping on ice surrounded by friends who simply understand that tripping on inanimate objects is a standard experience for you and having a good laugh over it can be the kind of memory you smile back on years later. 
Stoeckle’s professors have full confidence in her future success. 
Assistant Professor of Computer Science Dr. Chris Bopp said, “I’ll certainly miss having her in class, but I’m also excited for her because I know she’ll not only do great wherever she goes, but she’ll be a respected and appreciated member of any community she becomes part of.”
Stoeckle will take with her advice from professors to always ask questions, and advice from her own wisdom gained from her time at Bona’s to always keep pushing forward. 

“I’m so grateful for the connections with friends and professors and for the many opportunities,” Stoeckle said. “Once in a lifetime — that’s the kind of experience I’ve had at St. Bonaventure.”

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