St. Bonaventure University

Tuition & Fees at St. Bonaventure: 2024-2025

The estimated cost for a student is listed below, covering the fixed charges and the standard fees. It should be noted that the academic year is divided into two semesters of 15 weeks each. The University reserves the right to alter the fees below without notice.

Financial aid helps you meet the cost of college

More than 95 percent of our students receive some type of financial assistance. Students and parents should be aware of the many opportunities for financial aid, and of the various alternative financing plans that the University offers to assist families with the cost of attendance. Visit our Financial Aid site.

For information about financial responsibility and billing procedures click here.

Tuition at St. Bonaventure; room, meals and other costs

 Tuition for Academic Year 2024-2025
Full-time students (12-18 credit hours per semester)
Part-time students per credit hour (for course loads less than 12 credit hours)
Overload students per credit hour (for course loads over 18 credit hours)  $1,215.00 
RN to B.S. in Nursing students: Cost per credit hour  $700.00 
 Rooms for Academic Year 2024-2025 (standard) $7,950.00
This varies with building and number of occupants (Get Details Here)

 Meal Plan Options for Academic Year 2024-2025
Required for residents of Doyle, Devereux, Robinson, Falconio, Shay, Loughlen and Francis halls
Bona Platinum: unlimited daily access to Hickey Dining Hall & $300 flex dollars per semester
Bona Gold: unlimited daily access to Hickey Dining Hall & $150 flex dollars per semester
Bona Silver: unlimited daily access to Hickey Dining Hall & $75 flex dollars per semester
Townhouses/apartments and off-campus optional meal plans
Flex $25: 25 flex dollars per semester $50.00 
Flex $50: 50 flex dollars per semester $100.00 
Flex  $100: 100 flex dollars per semester
Flex  $200: 200 flex dollars per semester
Flex  $300: 300 flex dollars per semester
Flex  $500: 500 flex dollars per semester
Student Block 75 meals per semester
Student Block 100 meals per semester plus $100 flex
Student Block 150 meals per semester plus $100 flex
Flex dollars can be used in the RC Café, Café La Verna, the Rathskeller, Freshens in Francis Hall, Hickey Dining Hall and at campus concession stands. Flex dollars are exempt from NYS sales tax since they are part of your meal plan.
Other Fees
University fees (per year for full-time students)
Comprehensive Fee per credit hour - part-time, summer, winter and  SBU campus graduate students $60.00 
Books and supplies (estimated)
Health insurance per year (optional for US students; required for International students; subject to rate increase)
New student fee (freshman/transfer — payable once)
Graduation fee (mandatory for all undergraduate part-time and graduate students)
Transcripts (written request required)
Graduate Supervision Fee (per semester)
Room reservation deposit (nonrefundable)
Room cancellation fee
Confirmation fee*
$150 credited to the semester of the student's first registration
$100 credited to the General Obligation Deposit (to be credited to the student's account upon withdrawal from the university
University Franciscan Health Care Dual Admission Program (additional deposit required) $500.00
Late payment (per semester) $100.00
2024 Summer Session Fees
Tuition per credit hour (undergraduate) $625.00
Comprehensive Fee per credit hour $60.00
Room and meals per week $460.00 
2025 Winter Session Fees 
Tuition per credit hour (undergraduate)  $625.00 
Comprehensive Fee per credit hour   $60.00 
*This deposit must be paid within the time set by the Admissions Committee. It is a partial pre-payment of the student's bill for the following semester and constitutes the student's acknowledgement of his/her acceptance.

The university reserves the right to alter any fees without notice. In light of economic fluctuations, the university cannot insure that the tuition and other charges as listed will prevail throughout the student's attendance.

Remission of $500 per student per year is granted when more than one child of the same immediate family are concurrently registered as full-time undergraduate students. This grant is not applicable if a student is receiving a grant or scholarship that covers full tuition.

A student with a baccalaureate degree who desires to register for undergraduate courses should register through the Office of Admissions as a post-baccalaureate registrant.

Meal Plan Policy

A student living in a residence hall MUST purchase one of the following University meal plans: Bona Platinum, Bona Gold or Bona Silver. The ONLY exceptions are students living in Townhouses or Garden Apartments.

Any unused Flex Dollars and Block Meals will transfer from the fall to spring semester. At the end of the spring semester, unused Flex Dollars and meals are nonrefundable and cannot be transferred to the summer or the new academic year. Absolutely no reimbursements will be given for unused meal plans or Flex dollars. Residential students may not purchase Block plans.

Within the above-mentioned guidelines, students may change a university meal plan during the first ten (10) business days of each semester only. This policy is strictly enforced. Students are required to personally file the appropriate request form for a meal plan change by reporting to the Housing Office. Meal plan changes are done exclusively through the University Housing Office, Room 202, in the Reilly Center.  Meal Plans are not in effect and cannot be used when the campus and/or residence halls are closed during specified vacation periods, Christmas/semester breaks and spring semester midterm break.  There will be no dining services available on Thanksgiving Day or Easter Sunday.

Room Cancellation Policy

A student requesting and receiving approval to break this contract prior to the opening of residence halls for the semester, or within the first two weeks of classes, does so under penalty of a $200 cancellation fee, in addition to whatever pro-rated costs have accumulated for the first two weeks of class if the student did not request to cancel the contract prior to the date of opening of residence halls.

A student requesting and receiving approval to break this contract after the end of the second week of class of a semester does so under penalty of the cost of the room for the entirety of that semester, in addition to the $200 cancellation fee.

In order to properly cancel this contract, a student must submit a written request to the Director of Residence Life for approval. Once approved, a date and time for move out will be agreed upon between the student and the Director of Residence Life.