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Visual Arts Program

The Visual Arts curriculum is attractive to students for a wide range of reasons.

Of course, there are the students who intend to major in the visual arts; some plan a career as an artist, while others want to be able to make the arts part of their daily existence through careers in the art industry—managing galleries, working in the communications, advertising, or public relations industries, or working as a conservator or preparatory in a museum.

For many students, choosing to major or minor in visual art, or simply taking courses, is their means of doing something they enjoy, improving their skills, and learning more about themselves and their world.

Program information

The Visual Arts Program offers a B.A. in visual arts, a minor in visual arts, a minor in art history, and a minor in visual arts and art history.

Bachelor of Arts in visual arts

The B.A. in Visual Arts includes courses from the University’s core curriculum, courses in drawing, painting, sculpture,  and other art electives. A portfolio review is required at the end of the second semester of study. In all, 45 credit hours in the major are required for graduation. Throughout the student’s progression, faculty provide individual attention, mentoring and advisement. A senior thesis/exhibition is the student’s culminating experience and is a requirement for graduation.

Degree requirements and a four-year plan for the visual arts major

  • Minors in visual arts and art history

    For non-majors, the visual arts program offers minors in visual arts and art history.

    Requirements for the visual arts minor

    Requirements for the art history minor

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