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Strategic Leadership at SBU

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The master's in Strategic Leadership is an accelerated, one-year, FULLY ONLINE program that equips you with the communication skills required to lead in the global marketplace.

The program is tailored to fit busy schedules, with online courses taken in 8-week sessions. For those wishing to enroll in part-time study, the program can be taken over two years.

Students have access to essential technical support whenever it's needed and can work with our St. Bonaventure online concierge.

Strategic Leadership is an interactive, team-based learning experience that will keep you interested and engaged so that you can:
  • Develop clarity of purpose as a leader;

  • Examine ethics and the impact of leadership values;

  • Develop communication and conflict resolution skills;

  • Learn to adapt and respond to global change and diverse teams;

  • Develop critical thinking and problem solving skills;

  • Develop strategic thinking for organizational growth and change.

Distinctive Features

We develop students into tomorrow's leaders through personalized coaching and mentoring, a hallmark of our program. We foster executive development in decision making, problem solving, managing human resources, conflict resolution and strategic thinking.

Our program provides:

  • a grounding in Franciscan ethics, from a discipline-specific business perspective as well as from a broader, holistic perspective;

  • a focus on strategic leadership. You will acquire the skills necessary to establish organizational structure, develop human resources, and communicate strategic vision;

  • a focus on problem solving and decision making skills so that you can adapt and resolve complex problems;

  • a focus on organizational communication; you will be exposed to cutting-edge communication channels and techniques, learn how they are used and how they relate to organizational change and growth;

  • an interdisciplinary approach to leadership that may include faculty from St. Bonaventure's schools of Business, Journalism and Mass Communication, Education and Arts and Sciences;

  • Professional business mentors provide feedback and guide development of your Leadership Portfolio;

  • intensive experiential learning opportunities for students also provide professional services in for-profit and not-for-profit business sectors of the local, regional and national communities;

  • a global perspective in which students from a global population can collaborate through web-based projects.

  • the opportunity to participate in the Francis E. Kelley Oxford Program at Oxford University's Trinity College in England, regarded as one of St. Bonaventure's most prestigious summer programs. It offers leadership students a chance to work on a project for an international client, and provides international internship opportunities to qualifying students.

  • a diverse student body to enhance your learning, and small class sizes to facilitate learning and networking.

  • instruction from industry experts with real-world experience.

Christopher T. Mardany

Be challenged to think differently

Christopher Mardany, CPA, says the MSL program impacts all aspects of his life.

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