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Peterson, Laura


Visual and Performing Arts
School of Arts and Sciences

Assistant Professor, Music
Office phone: (716) 375-2492
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Regina A. Quick Center for the Arts, 207
  • MU 104 Chamber Music Ensemble 
  • MU 105 01 Intermediate Piano Studio 
  • MU 105 02 Advanced Piano Studio 
  • MU 111 Understanding Music 
  • MU 211 Music History 1 
  • MU 212 Music History 2 
  • MU 312 American Music 
  • MU 316 History of Rock and Roll 
  • MU 399 Special Topics: Piano Literature 
  • MU 499 Senior Project
  • M.M, Piano Performance/Studio Accompanying, University of Cincinnati College of Music, 1989
  • B.M., Piano Performance, State University of New York at Fredonia, 1985

I came to St. Bonaventure in 1996 as an adjunct faculty member and was appointed to the position of lecturer in 1999. In addition to working with individual students in my piano studio, I am part of the music history division of the music department.

As a professional pianist, I specialize in chamber music and vocal music. I was a member of the two piano team Duo Allegro for ten years and am currently part of the flute/piano duo, Pas de Two.

I believe that music is vital to us; that it is an integral part of our beings and our cultures. I believe the arts reveal who we are and what is best in us and as such can enrich every aspect of our lives. My philosophy as an instructor is to encourage students to become enthusiastic about all types of music and to realize the important role that music and the arts play in society. I ask them to explore, listen to, think about and appreciate a wide variety of musics, from Gregorian chant to Rock and Roll. As a professional musician and studio teacher it is also important to me that students have the opportunity to experience the joy of sharing music with others through rehearsal and performance.
  • I am preparing a recital in New York City in October with mezzo-soprano Mary Bowen and contralto Valerie Vollmer. The theme of the concert is music by women composers, poets or both. We are hoping to bring the recital to St. Bonaventure as well in conjunction with the Department of Visual and Performing Arts, the Department of Women’s Studies and the Quick Center for the Arts.
  • I am also currently working on a cd of dance music for flute and piano with flautist, Julia Tunstall. Although much of this music resides in relative obscurity, there is a wealth of music to be explored, including waltzes, tangos and more.
  • I have applied for a Fromm Music Foundation Grant with Dr. Julia Tunstall and composer Dr. Timothy Brown. The grant proposal is to compose and perform a companion work to Beethoven’s Sonata for Flute and Piano in Bb major.
  • I am also at work on a chamber recital with violinist, Kim Whitney. Ms. Whitney and I perform chamber recitals annually in a variety of venues.
  • Pianist for St. Bonaventure Opening Mass, Baccalaureate Mass
  • Pianist for SBU Concert Choir
  • Adjudicator for the Young Artist Concert Series competition.