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Application deadline extended to Oct. 29

AAF (Kwerkworks) Application

Kwerkworks is the name of St. Bonaventure’s student ad agency. It is our American Advertising Federation affiliate and consists of about 25 students and two or three faculty advisers.

The AAF class is not only a competition but also a three-credit course that can be taken as a marketing class for the School of Business or an advertising class within the Jandoli School of Communication.

Kwerkworks is looking for creative and hard-working students from all fields to help contribute to our team this year. We compete in District 2 (the Northeast region) against powerhouse schools such as Syracuse, Ithaca, George Washington and Penn State. The district competition takes place in New York City in April each year.

Participation in AAF is by application only. (Application below)

There is a $475 course fee associated with the AAF class. It is intended to cover individual American Advertising Federation membership, costs associated with creating the advertising campaign, and transportation and lodging for the AAF career fair and student competition and agency visits in New York City. Every effort will be made to stay within this budget, but there is a chance that the trip to New York might cost a small additional amount and you should be prepared for that increase.

In addition to the AAF campaign and competition, Kwerkworks also works on other clients, on campus and off, usually on a pro bono basis. Although, unlike other competing schools, the St. Bonaventure AAF program runs for only one semester rather than two, the men and women in the agency, on their own initiative, start the agency’s work in the fall semester.

American Advertising Federation (AAF) provides more than 2,000 college students around the nation with real-world experience by asking each affiliated school to create a full advertising campaign for a corporate sponsor. The National Student Advertising Competition begins each year with a case study that highlights the year’s client, its history, current market position and objective for the AAF teams.

Students then conduct research, assemble their plan and prepare a presentation for an AAF panel of judges. The national competition is broken up into 15 separate districts based on region. The winners of each district, and one wild card entry, move on to the highest level, which is the AAF National Conference in June.

AAF (Kwerkworks) Online Application

Application deadline extended to Oct. 29


Areas of Interest

Please review the following areas of interest, then indicate your top three preference in the space provided below.

Pulls together all information about the account – history, research, all demographics and audience profiles – and coordinates it  into an overall written plan. Coordinates all original research. From this detailed and extensive plan, Planners will write the Creative Work Plan with the Account Executive. Prepares an extensive post-launch evaluation plan. 


Plans uncontrolled media communications and promotional events.

In charge of all words in the campaign across all media. Also, directs radio and video shoots (unless Creative Director opts to direct). Works as teammate of AD. Copywriters will work with the designers to write and create the Plans Book.

Will handle design of Plans Book, video presentation and any brochures, collateral, logos, etc, needed on a project. Each designer will work in a Creative Team with a copywriter.

Research all social media against possible engagement of target demo. Working closely with the Creative Department, concept the social media campaign and create its content. Work with Media Department on budgeting.

Research all media — traditional, social, digital, out-of-home, guerrilla — analyzing reach and frequency against target demo and budget. Will produce media plan, including scheduling, flighting and budget.

In charge of scheduling and traffic. In charge of production of all comps and AAF Plans Book. Estimates and budgets all production costs.

From the list above, select your Top 3 Preferences

Such as proficiency in InDesign, Photoshop, video editing, Google analytics, web design, etc.

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Optional: Please feel free to strengthen your application by uploading a sample of any relevant work (ads, posters, etc.) or write a paragraph to tell us what you hope to bring to or get out of AAF.

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