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Stickl Haugen serves as principal investigator for research study

Mar 02, 2021 |
Dr. Jaimie Stickl Haugen, assistant professor of counselor education, served as the principal investigator for a research study examining school counselors' experiences with student death by suicide, which was recently published by the Professional School Counseling journal. 
The quantitative findings of this research study identified that encountering the death of a student by suicide is common for school counselors during their careers. School counselors reported a range of personal and professional reactions and relied on different sources of support following students’ deaths. 
Furthermore, school counselors who experienced a student’s death by suicide had higher self-efficacy scores related to suicide interventions than those who had not experienced a student’s suicide. 
This study titled, "A National Survey of School Counselors' Experiences with Student Death by Suicide," was published in February 2021. The journal article and information on the co-authors can be found here: