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St. Bonaventure’s Educational Leadership graduate programs now available fully online

Jun 15, 2020

St. Bonaventure University’s Educational Leadership graduate programs are now available fully online.

The School of Education’s master’s degree program in Educational Leadership and certificate programs in School District Leader and School Building Leader can now be taken in either a hybrid format – some courses online, some in person – or completely online.

“Seeking an advanced degree or certificate while working full time can be a challenge,” said Dr. Doug Stump, director of SBU’s Educational Leadership programs. “We know that what’s most important to our students is that they have access to the option that best meets their needs.”

The ability to take a program totally online gives busy professionals two attractive options.

“Many students elect the hybrid format because they enjoy the combination of online and in-person classes. For many others, though, in-person classes are not practical or might not be the best option,” Stump said.

By offering a choice of hybrid or online, students can select the format that best meets their needs while still experiencing the high quality programs designed to prepare students for school building and district leadership, Stump said.

Personalized attention has always been the hallmark of a St. Bonaventure education, and Stump said a fully online experience won’t change that.

“Our faculty have years of experience teaching in both formats,” Stump said. “They understand how to make those meaningful connections in person and online.”

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