The Office of the Registrar, combined with the Records Office, is responsible for all student records and academic data at St. Bonaventure University. We provide many services to students, faculty, staff and alumni, including:

  • Issuing transcripts
  • Registration information
  • Course schedules and listings
  • Enrollment verifications
  • Midterm and final grades
  • Graduation

 Registrar's Office Contact Information
Irene Colomaio
Administrative Assistant
General information
(716) 375-2020
Stacey McRae
Records Office Secretary
Transcript requests
Address changes
(716) 375-2027
Genny Brockel
Assistant to the registrar
Records & registration
(716) 375-2013
Katrina Schneider
Assistant to the registrar
Records & registration
(716) 375-2031
Tracey Kongats
Assistant Registrar
Re-enrollment &
transfer evaluation
(716) 375-2037 
Debra Loveless
  (716) 375-2022