The IM for Franciscan Health Care dual-admit students

Students in our Franciscan Health Care Professions' dual-admit programs may pursue an Individualized Major (IM) with the approval of the professional school they will attend after St. Bonaventure.

Dual-admit students are those who are admitted as freshmen at SBU and, at the same time, granted provisional acceptance to a medical program at a school they will attend after SBU. 

As participants in the Individualized Major program, these students will not only have to meet the requirements for their undergraduate major at St. Bonaventure but also the requirements for the professional school that will enroll them after SBU.
One advantage of pursuing an individualized major for FHCP dual-admit students is that they can create a major tailored for their interest because they are already admitted to a professional school.

However, students who pursue such a major need to be aware of possible dangers as well. They might have a weaker connection to their FHCP cohort when leaving the biology program, for instance. In addition, they might not be fully prepared for their medical school programs. This is why they will have to meet some additional requirements when pursuing an individualized major.

Required and recommended courses

Franciscan Health Care Professions dual-admit students bound for George Washington University School of Medicine & Health Sciences (GW) or Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine (LECOM) should make note of the following required and recommended courses. Unless otherwise noted, required courses apply to both GW- and LECOM-bound students

      BIO/BIOL 105. Biological Science I with lab
      BIO/BIOL 106. Biological Science II
      BIO 291. Genetics 3
      Choose one:  
                 BIO 466. Molecular Biology 4
                 BIO 292. Cell Biology with BIOL 293. Genetics and Cell Biology Lab 4
       BIO 371. Biochemistry 4
       CHEM 101. General Chemistry I & CHML 101. General Chemistry I Lab 4
       CHEM 102. General Chemistry II & CHML 102. General Chemistry II Lab 4
       CHEM 301. Organic Chemistry I & CHML 301. Organic Chemistry Lab 4
       CHEM 302. Organic Chemistry II & CHML 302. Organic Chemistry II Lab 4
       PHYS 103. General Physics I & PHYL 103. General Physics I Lab 4
       PHYS 104. General Physics II & PHYL 104. General Physics II Lab (GW only) 4
       MATH 151. Calculus I 4
       MATH 117. Introduction to Statistics for Natural Science Majors 3
       BIO/BIOL 331 and BIO/BIOL 332: Physiology and Anatomy of the Human I & II 8
       BIO/BIOL 472. Immunology 3

While MATH 151. Calculus can be covered with AP credit, all other courses must be taken at St. Bonaventure. Students can take courses outside of SBU to earn additional credits but cannot bring in credit for these requirements from other schools.

Even if some of the FHCP programs do not require the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT), all students are strongly encouraged to take more than one science course each semester, to be challenged and to improve their scientific abilities.

Any IM student will have a primary and secondary adviser to help them design and maintain their course of studies. FHCP students will have the director of FHCP as their third adviser.

Declaring an individualized major as a FHCP student

A Franciscan Health Care Professions student wishing to declare an individualized major must remain in his or her traditional major until the IM approval process is completed. This ensures that the student stays on a traditional degree track in the event that the individualized major is not approved.

Before declaring an individualized major, FHCP students must meet with their IM advisers and with the adviser in their present major, earning approval from all three. The proposal is then reviewed by the IM Review Board and must be approved by the IM program director and the university provost.

The proposal must then be approved by the professional school the FHCP student will attend after SBU. Only then can the student fill out a "Major Change" form, which will have to be signed by the student's first adviser and the director of the IM program.

An individualized major proposal should be approved by the second semester of one's sophomore year.