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B.S.-D.O. 3+4 Accelerated Dual Admissions Program

Two students at Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine
Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine

Overview of the SBU-LECOM Accelerated Dual Admit Program in Osteopathic Medicine

This option to our B.S.–D.O. dual admissions program with LECOM provides an accelerated 3+4 track to medical school for the well prepared and highly motivated student.

Program Highlights

  • The student completes three years at St. Bonaventure University, then four years at LECOM. The first year’s credits at LECOM transfer back to SBU to complete the degree of B.S. in biology, saving a year’s time and expense.
  • The 3+4 option requires a biology major at St. Bonaventure because the credit that transfers back does not fit other majors.

Application Requirements

The application procedure is the same as that for the non-accelerated SBU-LECOM Dual Admit Program in Osteopathic Medicine.

Applicants must submit a complete application to SBU. Applications that are complete by Dec. 10 receive priority. Required application materials that do not fit into online applications should be mailed to the Office of Admissions (see address at bottom of page). Transfer students are not eligible for this program.

A brief online LECOM application must be completed before the LECOM interview can be scheduled.

Qualified applicants will be interviewed at SBU by invitation in January and February. A second interview is conducted at LECOM. Decisions on acceptance are made after the LECOM interview.

Additional requirements include:
  • High school applicants: 1340 (ERW+M) SAT or ACT composite of 29. (This higher SAT/ACT requirement is the only difference from the 4+4 track.)
  • High school average of 90 or higher as calculated by the St. Bonaventure Admissions Office
  • At least two letters of recommendation, at least one of which should be from a science teacher.
  • Two essays:
    • One essay (Personal Statement) that will be included with your Common App.
    • An additional essay titled “Applying to Medical School,” which details your interest in working in the profession of medicine and why you are interested in starting that process at SBU and then continuing at LECOM.
  • A resume that organizes all of your extracurricular activities in one place (church, clubs, sports, hobbies, volunteering, clinical exposure, employment, etc.).

Maintenance Standards for Phase I of the Program

  • Must be a full-time student
  • Minimum overall grade point average of 3.4 (A = 4.0)
  • Minimum GPA of 3.2 or better in all science courses
  • Grade of C or better in all courses
  • Complete LECOM prerequisites
  • Maintain character/comportment requirements
  • LECOM restricts summer course work and taking courses away from SBU
  • The MCAT test requirement is waived.

Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine

Students at LECOM
Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine prepares students to become osteopathic physicians, pharmacy practitioners, and dentists. Learn more about LECOM.

How to Apply

The Common Application is preferred for this combined degree program.

NOTE: Send all paper application materials to 

Office of Admissions
P.O. Box D
St. Bonaventure, NY 14778