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Dr. René Hauser

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This program is designed for special and/or general education teachers who wish to specialize in differentiated instruction for inclusive classrooms. It is intended for teachers who already have a master’s degree and wish to further develop their skills in differentiated instruction.

This program meets the coursework requirement for the gifted education extension. 

For more information about this program and other Differentiated Instruction programs, please contact Dr. René Hauser, program director. (see below), or take a look at this programs's Fact Sheet.


You may register for an internship once you have completed 18 credit hours in your master's program.  The application should be filed by mid-semester of the semester prior to your internship in order to allow time for the placement to be arranged.  Please make an appointment with the department chair to discuss your  application.  The chairperson's signature is required before the Office of Field Services will act on your application.  It is important to note that you will have one semester from your starting date in which to complete your 50 clock hours.  During that interval you will be observed at least two times by the university supervisor.

Please email Dr. René Hauser, program director, with any questions about Differentiated Instruction Internships.


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