Minor in Philosophy

Requirements for a Minor in Philosophy

The Department of Philosophy offers minors in philosophy that enable students to pursue coursework that will supplement their major field of study. Each minor consists of three required courses (PHIL 104, PHIL 111, and either PHIL 102 or PHIL 210) and three electives at the 300 level or higher.

In addition to a general philosophy minor, minors corresponding to the four major tracks (see Curriculum & Courses page) are available. Their course requirements (in addition to PHIL 104, PHIL 111, and either PHIL 102 or PHIL 210) are described below.

To declare a minor, a special form must be filled out and filed with the Records Office by the end of the student's junior year. The appropriate form is available from the student's adviser or from the Office of the Registrar.

To see the description of a particular course, click on its title. Our Course Descriptions page lists all philosophy courses. 

NOTE: All courses below are 3 credits.

Track 1 Minor: Philosophy, Law and Politics

      PHIL 325. Philosophy of Law
      PHIL 326. Legal Reasoning
      One of the following:
           PHIL 327. Legal Ethics
           PHIL 332. Social and Economic Justice
           POLS 351. Politics of Social Policy
           POLS 306. Courts in American Politics
           POLS 420. Civil Rights and Civil Liberties
           POLS 421. Constitutional Law
           HIST 410. U.S. Constitutional History
           PHIL 324. Mock Trial

Track 2 Minor: Philosophy and Social Justice
     PHIL 332. Social and Economic Justice
     PHIL 301A. Philosophy of Nonviolence or PHIL 358. Philosophy of Gandhi
     One of:
          PHIL 341. Environmental Ethics
          POLS 240. Controversies in Public Policy
          POLS 251. American Urban Conflict
          POLS 315. Environmental Politics
          POLS 351. Politiccs and Social Policy
          POLS 420. Civil Rights and Civil Liberties
          SOC 205. Sociology of Inequality
          SOC 413. Minorities

Track 3 Minor: Philosophy, Art and Literature
     Two of the following:
           PHIL 318. Aesthetics
           PHIL 319. Philosophy & Literature (Human Images)
           PHIL 320. Existentialism
           PHIL 409. Nietzsche
     One of the following:
           ARTH 322. Contemporary Issues in Art
           ENG 390. Literary Theory
           VA 341. Modern Art & Theory

Track 4 Minor: Philosophy, Ethics and Medicine
     PHIL 335. Philosophy of Science and Medicine
     PHIL 338. Medical Ethics
     One of the following:
          PHIL 337. Death and Dying
          PHIL 345. Values at the End of Life
          PSYC 330. Health Psychology (PSYC 101 prerequisite)
          SOC 408. Health and Illness